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Mobile Apps for Events

2014 challenges the events (and event organizers) world. Organizers are ready to take real-time audience engagement to the next level, while offering new possibilities for meetings and conferences.
Having this year`s event technology trends in mind, developers know mobile event apps should include must-have features like: personalized schedules, presenter listings, social media integration, interactive maps, news feeds and attendee responses. Therefore, treating attendees more like participants (including the ones who can not physically be present, but need to share their opinions) will increase the engagement rate.

Let`s have a quick look at 4 different types of event apps and highlight the new stuff they bring on the table:

1. YPlan – event discovery app

Yplan is the coolest app you can use to enjoy London, San Francisco and New York like never before. The app answers questions such as: "What am I doing tonight?". Plus, you can book tickets without having to print anything. Imagine how is it to have everyday access to a library with various events spanning music, comedy, theatre etc.

This year, YPlan will make it possible for you to rate them. New feature, so stay tuned! Until then, here are the main things you can do with this app:

  • see an updated list of events every night
  • book in two taps
  • discover discounts and special offers
  • store tickets in Passbook

MObile App for events

Focused on customers` needs, the app will be able in the near future to show conversations. YPlan Co-Founder Vik Jucikas explains this idea by saying that this “social component” won`t let users feel alone. Creating communities is a big part of the whole innovative thing.

2. Pittcon 2014 – event conference app

Pittcon is the world`s largest annual conference and exhibition on laboratory science. Developing this new mobile app has had a big impact on increasing attendee conversations through session commenting for in-context and on-topic social communication.

Participants can:

  • build agendas
  • browse the extensive conference
  • receive real-time updates, and stay in touch with peers, by exchanging contact info with them
  • send session notes to their email inbox

MObile App for Events

Coming up with this kind of app not only helps attendees, but the company as well, as Marketing Assistant Jenna Sabbot said: "Providing an app is not only beneficial to attendees, but helps reduce the costs associated with producing a Final Program and also contributes greatly to our "go green” initiatives."

3. Superevent – full feature multi-event tool

After having worked on Superevent for over 2 years, we are proud of contributing to the first major release of what we consider to be one of the best event apps out there.
Most event apps focus on a single event at a time and usually they are developed specifically for that single occasion. For event attendees, having a multi-event introduces a strong social component, while at the same time reducing costs for event organizers.

Here are some of the features that make Superevent for attendees great are:

  • see who will attend the event (including speakers)
  • get in contact with participants by having access to their Social Media profiles
  • get the agenda
  • use the map to search for the location or to get directions
  • use the real-time chat to start conversations and keep in touch with speakers and other attendees

MObile App for events

And the most important things we have learnt while developing the Superevent app:

  • Make sure your app works under any circumstances! We created an advanced cache & sync mechanism which gives you real-time chat, as well as event updates even with slow internet connection.
  • Even if the events are “data-intensive”, don`t forget to put a lot of work into the design!
  • Offline support is critical. People usually plan their attendance while flying to the event or during the event.

4. Doodle – mobile meeting app

Mobile App for Events

Being the world`s leading online scheduling tool, Doodle simplifies your life by finding the right date and time for a group of people to meet. Connecting people is an important factor these days. Doodle`s main features sustain this opinion, by:

  • initiating and tracking meeting requests from the iPhone
  • being able to invite participants using the iPhone address book
  • having an optimized results list suggesting the best option for the meeting
  • communicating with participants using the comments feature
  • connecting the MyDoodle account to stay in sync with the web dashboard

Why do planners need a mobile app?

Mobile is a growing space that planners have to focus on. Studies show that 25% of smartphone owners aged 18-44 say they can`t recall the last time their smartphone wasn`t next to them. We are pretty sure there are few times when they are not connected to the web. So this is a big challenge for event planners. Besides reducing print costs, a mobile app can drive interaction and networking opportunities, and keep everyone informed of event updates. As you can see, the apps above have some basic characteristics in common:

  • they can be adapted to multiple devices
  • they can be accessed with no connectivity
  • they allow push notifications so that users can see the updates in real-time.

In 2014 events go mobile. So what do you think your event app should include?

See you in the comments!


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