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Two of the main challenges both market-disrupting startups and established companies are confronted with when launching their own product are finding the best way to do this in a timely fashion and getting market validated results equally so.

Starting off on the right foot can influence greatly the success of the initial idea. The secret is a two-step recipe that implies getting things done on your side and then finding the best Agile partner that will manage the rest of the digital product development process.

In turn, the partner should exhibit the Agile Product Development competence that’s necessary for building the digital product, or have a proven track record in advising companies on how to create their own Agile Product Development teams.

As surreal as it may sound, that’s everything needed for making the transition from an idea to market fit. We’ll detail every step of the way, thus minimising the risks when deploying your Digital Product, during our Agile Partnership Workshop held at Design Offices Frankfurt Westend on September 12.

Who Is the Workshop for?

The Workshop will be of benefit for Project Managers, C-Level executives, Department Managers, VPs and Consultants working in companies that provide financial services. If you’re among the target audience, you should have a deep interest and knowledge of niche industries and FinTech 2.0, but might not fully know all the criteria when selecting a Partner for the development of your Digital Product.
Takeaways for the Attendees

At the end of the workshop, the attendees will have discovered a clear Methodology that can be used right away for the materialization of their ideas. At the core of this Methodology is a skilled Partner that can be entrusted with the quick, high-quality development of your Digital Product.

On top of that, one Frankfurt-based company that will share with us their existing Idea prior to attending the event will get the chance to win a "Product Opportunity" Workshop at their office, on the following day. During this additional event, we will demonstrate how well the proven Thinslices Product Development Methodology can match and complement existing Digital Product Ideas.

Meet the Speaker

Andrei Gheorghiescu has always been fascinated with finding innovative solutions to business challenges. Besides the 4 startups he has founded to date, all of the ventures he’s ever been involved in have gained value from Lean Process Improvement and Agile Teams, two of the main aspects he’s always focusing on.

Andrei Gheorghiescu

His career spans over 100 software projects for companies of all sizes, including corporations such as Disney, General Electric and NBC, where he played diverse roles ranging from Developer and Project Manager to Designer and Product Owner. As the Leadership Team member in charge of the Thinslices Consulting business line, he relies on an unique mix of Software Development and Business Development skills, as well as on the company’s continuous success to improve the Agile Digital Product and Business Development of every Company.

What’s on the Agenda?

Some of the practical aspects that we’ll touch during the workshop include, but don’t resume to:

  • Digital Product Lifecycle and the things to expect during a collaboration with an Agile Partner
  • Shifting from a Seller-centric model to a Buyer-centric one
  • Choosing between a Development Partner and a Consultant
  • Finding the best way to select a Partner

As for the topics, we’re planning to cover the following ones:

  • Innovation from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 1000. Which one’s better for you?
  • Master buying better than “they” do selling.
  • Technical Debt, what is it, how can you avoid it, and how can it kill a product?
  • Who pays for Bugs?
  • Agile Planning
  • What can money and time each buy you?
  • What if the Digital Product differs wildly from the initial idea?
  • Agile Development and the Triple Constraints (Budget - Time - Scope).
  • What is the definition of Quality?

At the end of the event, you will receive the digital handout that explains the Methodology and Concepts covered during the Workshop, so you can apply them right away.

The Where and the When

If we’ve caught your attention and would like to attend our Workshop, the event is scheduled on Monday, September 12, 2016, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CEST) at Design Offices Frankfurt Westend - Barckhausstraße 1, 60325 Frankfurt, Germany.

The tickets are free of charge and can be reserved on or before September 11. Book your seat here!



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