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As developers, we [all] use different tools and resources that help us learn and write code faster and better. Although information is widely available on the internet, you need to search for relevant info that can be used to your advantage. But if others before you haven’t created or put together those resources, you would have had a tougher job at finding what you need.

This year, Codecamp is organizing in Iasi a new Hackathon focused around encouraging people to develop a “habit of learning” with fast and pragmatic results, that helps them in their everyday lives.

We were offered the opportunity to host it and we couldn’t be more happy to bring the “Hackers” in our very own home.

So, if you are a passionate developer and you know a few other people that share this passion, join the 2017 Codecamp 24-hour Hackathon on 19th of May, at 4 PM at our office in the Theatre Museum.

We look forward to discovering new ideas that solve specific problems that are now unsolved. They can be breakthrough life changing ideas, or easy, practical, cheap fixes for real, common problems. Here’s a simple way to get started: is there something you recently learned and you’d wish the process would have been easier by using an app? Take up to 4 friends and put your knowledge to work.

What’s in it for you? Except for the awesome and possibly unique experience, Codecamp is offering to two winning teams a 1000 EUR prize per team.

If you are looking to be part of this experience, you can sign-up by clicking the button below. More details can be found here.

Register as Hacker

PS: Snacks and drinks are included

PPS: Learn. Do. Grow. has always been an important part of the story here at Thinslices. As huge nerds, we immediately jumped at the opportunity to socialize with fellow geeks. So… this Friday is board games night and next Friday we’ll see you over for coding :)



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