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Timely is an useful time tracking app, developed by Timely Co, a self-owned company put together by Mathias Mikkelsen, who specialises in designing mobile apps that are both brilliant and practical. Timely is a mobile app product that can be used both on the web and on iOS devices.

What is it intended for?

Timely, time tracking mobile app

source: www.timelyapp.com

- scheduling hours and keeping track of time spent on various activities
- planning new hours and delegating work to employees
- finding out about what your employees are or should be doing
- doing a correct distribution of work tasks, by knowing which employee has too few tasks and which other has too many
- keeping track of meetings
- controlling present and future projects
- keeping track of the time you may be wasting on unproductive things

As well as supervising all your “timely” activities, this mobile app also helps you stay connected to your budget, by showcasing a link between the hours you may be wasting on an undertaking and the actual cost of these hours.

What’s the difference between Timely and other time tracking apps?

One of the major advantages is the fact that it is really simple to use and it is available both for web and iOS. So, even once you get home, you can still keep an eye on what’s happening in the office. Another plus is it makes deadlines a lot easier to reach, by making the finishing touches to a perfect program. It can also be used as an agenda, by setting assignments for every day of the week.
With Timely you can schedule and log hours at the same time.

Timely can be downloaded in the App Store and is free for a trial period, for one person with only three projects. Paid alternatives range from $14 to $199 per month.

Happy app-ing!



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