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Mobile marketing experts know that a loyal customer base is important to the success of any business. But, just how important is customer retention? According to the Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention by 5% can lead to a profit increase of 25% to 95%. In short, if you want your mobile marketing efforts to be worth it, then customer retention needs to be a priority, so that your customers can become loyal brand ambassadors.

7 Proven Mobile Marketing Tactics To Improve Customer Retention

1. Positive Social Proofs.

While consumers like to retain their individuality, they also like to be a part of the group. Facebook is a prime example of people being influenced by their network to follow certain brands or businesses. If a customer's network of friends and colleagues is following a certain business, then the customer wants to "remain in the loop," by also following the business. Strong statistics and invitations to "join 10,000 of your peers" are proven mobile marketing tactics that effectively encourage people to listen and respond.

2. Quality Is More Important Than Speed.

According to a recent study conducted by the Gallup Group, customers were "nine times more likely to be engaged with a brand when they evaluated the service as 'courteous, willing, and helpful." The same study showed that customers were only six times more likely to be engaged with a brand that relied on "speed."

3. Create A Strong Brand Message.

Customers are more likely to come back to your brand when and if they know what your company believes in. If you want to have loyal customers, then you need to show them why they should care about your brand, by showing what you stand for and believe in. Shared customer values are imperative to creating a loyal following, without them customers won't feel connected to your brand.

4. Customers Enjoy Personal Interactions With Businesses.

Behavioral psychology studies show that customers have a more positive experience when they don't feel ignored or rushed. Successful mobile marketers will create campaigns that are optimized for key customer traits. Addressing customers by their first name and knowing their mobile communications preferences are two easy ways to connect with customers on a more personal level.

5. User Generated Content Improves Customer Retention And Engagement Levels.

User generated content is a proven mobile marketing tactic that places the consumer in charge of reviews, content, and the spread of brand awareness. As a general rule of thumb, millennials tend to value people over brands. As a result, they are influenced by brands that show "real people" as part of their marketing efforts. In fact, 84% of millennials recently reported that user generated content on brand websites influences their buying decisions. The same Bazaarvoice report also found that 86% of millennials felt that user generated content was a good indicator of the quality of the service or brand.

6. Give Your Customers A Positive Label.

Stanford University recently conducted a study on voting patterns. The study showed that individuals are more likely to partake in an activity if they have been given a positive label. This theory is often adopted by mobile marketers, whom label their premium customers "Awesome Members" or by another positive nomenclature.

7. Individual Attention Is Key.

A recent study for the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, revealed that waiters could increase their tips by an average 23% simply by returning to their tables with a second set of mints. The increase in tips wasn't due to the mints, it was because the customers had a more personalized experience. Mobile marketers know that one of the keys to improving customer retention levels, is to give each customer a personalized, positive experience. Remembering checkout preferences, knowing the best communication platforms, responding via SMS messages, and creating personalized incentives are all fantastic ways that you can make each of your customers feel more appreciated.

In conclusion, mobile marketing experts know that customer retention is the key to a successful campaign. Improving customer engagement and retention levels is as simple as knowing what your customers value, reminding them that your services or products provide value, and communicating effectively on a consistent basis. Through the above seven tips, you can join the ranks of successful mobile marketers, while simultaneously creating a strong following of loyal brand ambassadors.

Author Bio

Sophorn Chhay is an inbound marketer specialized in attracting targeted visitors and generated sales qualified leads. Through Trumpiaís SMS and marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.


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