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Indeed Job Search is an iOS mobile application for job seekers. The app is free for download in the App Store, which makes it one of the most popular apps out there - close to 100 million individuals use it every month.

The app is available for use in 28 languages and 50 countries, that display more than 15 million openings.

Simple User Experience

The app is rather simple when it comes to design. Its interface combines basic colours for a very pleasant and natural user experience. The app works just like an actual search portal, in which job seekers can insert the positions they are looking for, as well as the the location in which they wish to activate. Job openings can be found nearby, using the GPS of the device used for the search. Additional parameters include the salary, the name of the company or the larger area in which one wishes to find employment.

Indeed Job Search

One of the best things about this app is that searches can be performed even without previously creating an account - this is one of the features that most job search apps seek to avoid, for marketing purposes.

Navigating through the app is extremely intuitive: once the search parameters are inserted, the "find jobs" button leads the job seeker to a listing of positions that range from full-time to internships. All jobs listed are then presented in detail, with reviews of the company, photos, a forum and the ability to award stars.

Indeed Job Search


The possibility to access recent searches (without owning an account), as well as the option to sort jobs according to relevance, date or location (within a few to several kilometres) makes the app all the more enjoyable.

Additional benefits with account creation

Judging from the unsophisticated manner the app works without having to create an account, we assumed that, upon account creation, things get even better. We were not at all disappointed.

Positions chosen from the job listings can now be saved and even emailed to friends.

Indeed Job Search

The moment one wants to review all the saved jobs, they can enter the “saved jobs” category, where all jobs of interest are displayed, alongside an “Applied” button that can keep track of all CV submissions.

Indeed Job Search

The option to “Post CV” makes this application a champion of accessibility and practicality. Upon pressing the button for the first time, the candidate can create an extended resume, comprising the usual categories - education, work experience and personal information. All fields allow for extended information insertion on previous work experiences, so the feeling that one is actually operating within a mobile app quickly disappears. Resumes can be vizualized and then made public or kept private.

Immediately after filling in the resume, the candidate can start to actually apply for as many jobs as they want. They can further on see how many employers viewed their CVs and they can schedule additional searches according to their corresponding criteria.

Indeed Job Search

Pay attention, however, as the app doesn’t always allow for direct job application. Some of the positions listed only permit “application from the computer” and, upon selecting the option, the candidate lands on the official company website. From this point forward, the process is classical: resumes (accompanied by motivation letters) are sent directly to Human Resources.

iPad version also available

Although the mobile version of the app allows for perfect usage of all functionalities, the iPad option brings the benefit of better visibility plus the possibility to keep the search open while viewing a job.

Indeed Job Search for iPad

Everything looks better on iPad anyway, and Indeed Job Search makes no exception. The left-hand side of the screen enlists all jobs resulted from search, whereas on the right-hand side of the screens, selected jobs are presented in detail. Upon scrolling, the same “apply from your computer”/”apply here” sections appears, making it easy for the candidate to instantly submit their resume.

Indeed Job Search for iPad



Virtually one of the most user-friendly apps in App Store, Indeed Job Search makes a pledge out of facilitating the recruitment process, on the side of candidates, as well as on that of recruiters. By being available in so many countries, the app gives users the possibility of actually applying for international jobs without any hassle, from behind the screens of their mobile phones.



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