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The concept of employer branding refers to the reputation an organization has among its candidates and employees. Despite the difference between corporate branding and employer branding, the two notions are very much alike, as they both focus on attracting and retaining a particular target audience, albeit relying on different  departments when doing so. Clients are persuaded using marketing techniques, but it’s the job of human resources and talent management to make the company appealing to its future and actual employees.

As a Company, How Much Do You Brag about Yourself in Job Ads?

Employees can develop a clear idea about their employer by checking if the company stands by its values, while candidates should be able to form an impression from the job ads posted by the company’s HR department. It happens quite often for a company to brag about itself when publishing such ads, as candidates would probably dismiss it right away if the company’s image were negative. However, at the same time, job ads should reflect reality as much as possible. What you see is not always what you get.

We’ve put together a list of things that companies tend to mention in job ads and the way they’ve been implemented by Thinslices.

Tabel TS HR

Thinslices’ values are clearly reflected in the way employees are treated not only by management, but also amongst themselves. Taken apart from the whole, each of the aspects discussed above can probably be identified in many other companies, but it’s this exact sum of ingredients that makes Thinslices what it is, a company focused on people and their potential, rather than on strict rules and superficial buzzwords.

The ultimate goal of employer branding is to turn employees into brand ambassadors that can reach further than the company itself. This is achieved by using different communication channels than the ones the company would typically use, or use the same ones but differently. It’s essential for companies to recognize the efforts of their employees and reward them accordingly, not exclusively in the form of remuneration.



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