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Each team is the soul of a company. And each member of the team brings added value to the project they’re involved in, by bringing in their own, personal approach. Bogdan[…]

The Thinslices methodology is based on continuous learning. In any development process, it is important to focus on stimulating the mind with creative and innovative activities[…]

This week we talked to Andrei, one of our iOS mobile testers. At Thinslices, our colleagues perform both automated and manual tests.

"Don't shrink, rethink!"

Managing or producing analytics material is a tough job, even for professionals accustomed with Excel graphs and statistics. For those of us who are[…]

This week we have looked into some apps for people interested in learning how to program and code. The first one we have selected is designed to help children to learn basic[…]

What does a valid project management cycle look like?

One of the most important aspects during the  building of a startup is fitting the product market. Speaking of which,[…]

Hours Tracker

Hours Tracker is another mobile calendar app for managing both your schedule and the money you make, by proactively using your time. Users must clock in at the[…]

At Thinslices, we develop mobile products and we mainly specialise in iOS. Which is why all of our developers are interested in maintaining a high level of expertise in this[…]

Recent mobile usage numbers.

Mobile is all around us. In the United States, the average mobile consumer spends around 3 hours per day on their mobile devices, which makes a[…]