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How much does it cost to make an app anyway?

Finding out what you have to pay for developing a mobile application isn't as easy as you may think. In most cases, a[…]

Success comes at a cost. Entrepreneurs often give up on leading healthy lifestyles in order to attend to more important activities. Conference calls, industry events, project[…]

Teaching children how to spell can be a rather tedious activity. The 3 spelling apps we have selected for this Monday help parents start saving time, by proactively[…]

Internet users started to be more concerned about their own data. Even if companies like Facebook don’t charge individuals for using their platform, it doesn’t mean they[…]

Refresh your budget

Mint is a financial app for iPhone that tracks financial statuses. While paying isn’t supported by the app, tracing the journey of users’ money is simple,[…]

Busy schedules are difficult to manage, particularly these days, when the world is on the run. We’ve put together a list of 3 productivity apps that can help you make the[…]

This week's mobile product development resources:

Imagine you’re an entrepreneur. You come up with a revolutionary idea. And that idea is called Glycemion, a mobile application for measuring blood sugar without the use of an[…]