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 At Thinslices we design mobile products and develop mobile applications. Our experience in this field has taught us that every new project idea requires complex analysis in[…]

This week we've thought about writing something for the eager learners: 3 language learning apps.

Simple event management with the help of mobile apps

Planning an event can prove to be a complicated matter if there aren’t simple ways to communicate between organizers and[…]

This week we talked to Razvan Savel, one of our testers. Razvan is one of those individuals that are extremely keen on what they do for a living. He immensely enjoys test[…]

If you can’t conceive walking the dog, riding the bus or jogging without listening to some music, then you’ll be glad to hear about these three apps for music for iOS[…]

At the moment, mobile strategies have become a must in almost every product development process. As we tried to highlight in a previous article, going mobile is not a choice[…]