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Welcome to Any.do!

Any.do is a free iOS mobile app for business, that helps you keep up with your daily tasks. Aside from being a regular planner, Any.do has multiple other[…]

We’re all into fashion, more or less. Guys, girls, adults and children - we all have a favourite store or a favourite brand or, more recently, a favourite mobile app. Here’s[…]

Pros and cons, best practices and type adoption.

Native versus web. The basics.

Timely is an useful time tracking app, developed by Timely Co, a self-owned company put together by Mathias Mikkelsen, who specialises in designing mobile apps that are both[…]

Anyone can have a garden. Or can they? If having a green thumb has never been among your strongest attributes, you may need to learn some information about how or when[…]

Practice makes perfect code.

Developers can't build a successful career based only on their knowledge. When learning to code, there are other things that are mandatory in[…]

Mobile is the future and the present

Recent statistics show that, on an average day, over 300,000 babies are born, but more than half a million iOS devices get into users’[…]

Flipboard app review - Free for iOS and Android devices

Flipboard is a free mobile news app both for iOS and Android devices, that lets users create magazines, by adding[…]