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Mobile design in app development

Most of us, when we think about design, we imagine something that’s visually stimulating. In our minds, we connect the work of a designer[…]

These days, mobile floor plan apps help you save a lot of time. We have just included an App of the Week section on our blog. Sharing is caring, so let's see what we have for[…]

Everybody nowadays spends an average of.... hours in the gym every day. And, unsurprisingly, mobile apps are following the trend. Everything is available, from[…]

Your startup might need a business model generation app

Last week we wrote an article about what a business model does for your startup. You can read it here. We made some[…]

Most entrepreneurs get really excited when an awesome idea pops into their mind. Even if it is completely new in the marketplace or already familiar to some, its execution[…]

2014 challenges the events (and event organizers) world. Organizers are ready to take real-time audience engagement to the next level, while offering new possibilities for[…]

Critical elements a successful landing page should have

When it comes to landing pages, the first thing to do is to prioritize the goals you want to achieve by using them. As[…]

Who on earth talks about mobile retail apps without mentioning the iBeacon`s nerdy power? We are so enthusiastic about this sounding feature which “provides apps a whole new[…]