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"Don't shrink, rethink!"

Managing or producing analytics material is a tough job, even for professionals accustomed with Excel graphs and statistics. For those of us who are less experienced in numbers, firmly getting a grasp of what a spreadsheet illustrates can be an even tougher job. We’ve all, at some point in our professional experience, tried to design a decent pie chart, fully  apprehensive of the audience's reaction. However, getting the audience - your boss, your coworkers or your potential clients -to actually interact with you while presenting them with your latest results doesn't have to be painful and time-consuming.

Roambi helps you manage data by aggregating light, dynamic, easy-to-decipher reports that show work results in ways other than the boring PPTs. Ample Excel spreadsheets are transformed into easily readable pie charts with the aid of Roambi Analytics. Company statistics are then converted into clear, enjoyable storyboards by Roambi Flow. Of course, Roambi doesn't only manage databases/spreadsheets - it can also function as a powerful CRM. Business intelligence at a whole new level.

Roambi Analytics Introduction

Import, transform, publish.

Upon account creation, the analytics transformation takes place in three easy steps. The document intended for summarising is easily imported into the app, by accessing Roambi Publisher: https://business.roambi.com/analytics/publisher. Once the user is on the publishing platform, he can choose from the many layouts available (these are entitled "Views"). Pie View, Super List or Cardex are some of the formats the app can generate from an Excel list of contacts, closed deals, yearly sales or prospective customers. Desired fields can be selected before the report is generated: the date the deal was closed, the person of contact and their role in the company, the website or the industry.

Refining the report also comprises editing the several possibilities of display : data bars, compared charts, stacked column or area charts.



Roambi Analytics 1

Roambi Analytics 2

After the data has been imported and the layout selected, the final version of the report can be viewed and even shared to additional contacts. In order to finalize the operation, the "publish" button needs to be pressed, thus submitting a link to the email account.

Roambi Analytics 3

The document is now available for download and simultaneously becomes permanently accessible in the gallery section of the app.

Roambi Gallery

Roambi Gallery2

Mobile-first app

The app is 100% mobile-first, and designed as fully responsive. The light, colourful interface makes using Roambi Analytics a pleasurable experience, that can help both the less and the more advanced professionals achieve impressive reporting results.

Additional benefits include the possibility to use the app offline - by accessing the Gallery and selecting the intended document - as well as the increased security of data and storage.

The incredible user experience, added to the stylish reports that can be generated, definitely make Roambi Analytics one of the App Store's best choices. Sales, operations, marketing managers and even start-up founders will find their periodic data assessment to be easy and at a few taps' distance.


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Ilie Ghiciuc, Founder & CEO

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