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Relevant statistics on why mobile is at the heart of the digital ecosystem

The online interaction as we know it is over. We don’t “go online” anymore, we live online, we’re[…]

It’s a question we’ve heard many, many times. Well, the answer to this question is actually a story about an important meeting between an elephant, a great challenge and a[…]

Just because we are working with the latest technologies and tools, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate history and the heritage that old buildings bring to a city. That’s[…]

State of the mobile economy in 2014

Studies on mobile and tablet usage show that, between 2008 and 2012, internet adoption has increased massively at a global level. The[…]

Most entrepreneurs get really excited when an awesome idea pops into their mind. Even if it is completely new in the market place or already familiar to some, its execution[…]

Critical elements a successful landing page should have

When it comes to landing pages, the first thing to do is to prioritize the goals you want to achieve by using them. As[…]

The Minimum Viable Product is not about building the minimal product that is usable and sellable, as much as testing your assumptions about the market with the minimal effort[…]

Conversion is king – and it’s not always easy to stay alive in the kingdom

You are a young entrepreneur, on the verge of finding your life accomplished by the fresh start-up[…]

Update 15 Sept: At the beginning of September, Google had to pull their Two Factor Authentication app for iOS. After an update the app effectively locked out a large[…]

This is the first part of a series of articles we will be writing about how you should choose between mobile first, mobile only or mobile later when creating the MVP of your[…]