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I know that dragons, white-walkers and incest are the trend these days, but this is about elephants and learning.

I am Tudor and I’ve been an iOS developer at Thinslices for 4 years now. And yes, the rumors are true! I am now looking for a fellow intern who is passionate about mobile development. If you have strong OOP knowledge (maybe accompanied by some experience in any programming language), and you’re not the type that expects things to drop from The North without doing anything, maybe you’re the one we’re looking for.

This is what you’ll be learning: autolayout to cover multiple screen sizes and complex scenarios, actions and outlets, navigation and controllers, basic UIView animations and transitions, client-server communication, JSON deserialization, push and local notifications, UI automation testing/ Unit Testing, design patterns (ex. MVC, delegate, target-action), source control management using GIT workflows, SCRUM, how to apply AGILE principles and so much more!

This journey will last at least 3 months and if you don’t have a valyrian sword, then you should bring a lot of energy to learn an elephant-size amount of information in a very short time, along with around 6 hours/day of your time. Any previous iOS development experience and/or Bachelor Degree in Computer Science is a big plus.

As an intern, you will be integrated in our working environment, so you should be adaptable enough to experiment different techniques and processes, learn about the “thinking” part before the “coding”, but most importantly: you should know the meaning of fun (btw any good jokes are also welcome).

Just in case you haven’t heard about us yet: we’re a company founded in Iasi 7 years ago that specialises in digital product development. Throughout these years, we’ve learned the hard way how to “eat an elephant” and … as far as I know, you are what you eat. So here we are today, just “Dumbo-ing” awesome projects in the software development area around the world, while also not forgetting to have fun doing it.

That time of the year has come (in some universes winter has arrived, so Christmas must be close) when we should try to be better and help others. So, just as others helped me learn iOS some time ago (I am a former intern myself), I’m trying to give something back to the people that would like to build iOS apps in the future. So, Arya ready for a new challenge? Then don’t hold the door (pun intended) to opportunities.

PS: Just a short survival tip. Do not touch other people`s coffee. Ever. You will end up regretting it. Painfully, most likely.



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We are Thinslices, a family of elephants who build technology products and develop mobile apps for startups. You might have seen us on Bored Panda.

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