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Nothing concerns today's employees more than becoming obsolete, a fear that's twice as strong as being laid off. That’s a very compelling reason why one of our core values is Learn. Do. Grow. By creating an environment where our team members can constantly improve themselves, we directly contribute to their personal and professional growth.

As a matter of fact, coaching, mentoring and training represent key learning and development opportunities. Recent Gallup research reveals that 87% of Millennials consider such opportunities essential in a job.


10 Workplace Learning Facts [Infographic]

Infographic by Teamfluent.com

Teamfluent helps companies that want to grow people by building a culture of learning and increasing knowledge acquisition. Unlike other traditional Learning Management Systems, Teamfluent, a SaaS based LMS, helps teams improve business performance with modern learning tools such as social learning, micro learning and gamification.



SaaS Execution Map

We have condensed our experience and learning on more than 60 projects for global clients in developing this simple tool that increases the chances of a new digital product reach its objectives.

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Ilie Ghiciuc, Founder & CEO

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