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A Well – Written Code is Like a Poem

“Hi, there! This is Bogdan,
FE developer and JavaScript fan!
My favourite ‘writers’ are Abramov, Elliot,
Ready to share about them a thought.
Or maybe a classic R. Martin known as Uncle Bob
“Agile Software Craftsmanship” is first on my top.
But this poem is all about you,
Amazing Clean Coder or always striving to.

I’m looking for you, awesome FullStack,
Interested in NodeJS, React and Webpack.
Or maybe Docker, AWS, APIs,
You take the challenge, whatever it implies.
Cause you understand Data Structures, Algorithms
Regardless of the programming language, it seems.

Errors are red; passed tests are green,
You, God of Unit Testing keen.
You know how to manage a ‘Serious App’
The clients can use it, we safely take a nap.
It’s server, it’s database, HTML, CSS,
You think component based/microservices.

You said many times:
“I need a great team where I don’t want to fork!”
I promise you won’t feel like going to work.
Thirsty to learn, eager to teach,
Always thinking of the potential to reach,
I’m waiting for you, right by my side,
Coding together, professionals alike.

If you share the same passions and love, maybe wills,
Right in the City of the 7 Hills,
Accept this poem and meet me quaint,
Please show up without any constraint.”


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