Thinslices is a mobile product development company.

We make mobile apps and scalable cloud platforms for startups, brands, small and medium sized companies.

  • iPhone & iPad apps
  • Web apps with Angular.js
  • API/back-end with Node.js
  • Design / UX
  • Automated testing with Cucumber

We have clients from all over the world

We can help you solve your biggest challenge

Is it on business development?

Our CEO, Emanuel Martonca has over 12 years of experience in marketing & business development and has worked in various marketing roles in both large multinational companies and smaller ones. Has extensive experience in brand management, pricing, market research, retail, sales processes optimization and user experience.

Is it related to technology?

Our CTO, Ilie Ghiciuc has over 11 years of experience in IT&C and has delivered over 100 projects for companies in the financial, insurance, health care and publishing industries, ranging from small ones to projects that lasted 5 years and involved teams of tens of developers, using different technologies (.NET, Java, PHP, Mobile).

You can schedule a call with us and we'll answer your most pressing questions. No strings attached. If after that you'll want to get to know us better, how we work and if we can bring value to your business - it's 100% your call.

You can contact me to schedule a call and get 1 hour of free consulting on mobile product development.

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You can contact me to schedule a call and get 1 hour of free consulting on mobile product development.

Contact me!

Meet our team

Thinslices team
Our team members are certified in:

HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, Java SE 6 Programmer, Oracle Certified Professional, Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4,
Scrum, PMI Project Management Professional, Graphic Design.

Thinslices is a Certified Microsoft Partner (Silver Software Development).

Values that guide us



Leave no man behind.
Count on everyone
no matter what.



Create a better world by
learning and sharing



Fanatical pursuit
of perfection in
everything we do.



Fight until victory
on any accepted


Good arrogance

Be openly proud of
what we do and
who we are.

Communities and movements we support

Our co-founders are proud members of the Small Giants Community started by Bo Burlingham with his bestseller book about the
companies that choose to be great instead of big.

We actively support CodeCamp, the IT community in our hometown.
We try to apply the principles of the agile manifesto as much as possible and we use the Scrum methodology for all the software development that we do.

Let us know if we can help you

If you have a project in need of some expert advice or an idea for an app, feel free to ask us anything.

Let’s schedule a Skype call, no strings attached.

We usually respond within 1-2 business days to all messages.

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