Custom Telecom Solutions

Utilizing our extensive telecom expertise, we design and develop custom software solutions. These solutions amplify service offerings, optimize operations, and strengthen connectivity within the telecom landscape.
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Transforming telecom operations

Our aim is to revolutionize telecom operations, driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and shaping the future of telecommunications. We specialize in network management, enhancing customer relationships, and automating processes for cost savings.

Software engineering and digital products for:



Mobile carriers

Landline service providers


VoIP service providers

Broadcasting companies

Why us?

We understand the intricate challenges of the telecom sector. With a wealth of experience, we have successfully delivered transformative solutions for a diverse range of clients. 

Our experience extends across multiple sectors of the industry:

5G Infrastructure and Services


Internet of Things (IoT)


Cloud-Based Services


Edge Computing


Remote Services

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Jennifer LeBlanc 
Digital First Product Owner,

"Working with the Thinslices team feels like an extension of my own team, they do not feel like an outside contractor. Everyone on the team is respectful of each other and strives to deliver an excellent product to our customers. The relationship between the team and Thinslices is the best I have seen from any contractor I have ever worked with."

Our Telecom Services

Within the telecom industry, we specialize in enhancing customer experiences, ensuring regulatory compliance, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions, mastering data management, and leveraging robust cloud capabilities.

Custom Telecom solutions

Empower clients with user-friendly, feature-rich apps that ensure a seamless user experience, driving satisfaction and fostering lasting loyalty.

Network management software

Build a scalable, reliable, and open solution tailored to your users' needs, ensuring efficient network management.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Achieve business goals with custom CRM software, enhancing customer retention, boosting sales, and streamlining operations.

Provisioning and service delivery:

Automate processes, cut costs, and improve customer experience with custom provisioning and service delivery software solutions.

Business support systems

Create a scalable, flexible, integrated, and secure BSS software solution customized for your telecom company's specific needs.

Operations support systems (OSS)

Efficiently manage operations with our scalable, reliable, integrated, and open OSS software solution, tailored to your company's needs.

Generative AI solutions

Boost sales and streamline complaint handling in telecom with ChatGPT or Auto-GPT. Implement predictive decision-making through Generative AI.

Machine Learning solutions

Maximize your efficiency with online and offline machine learning model training. Monitor workflows or design an internal AI system by examining existing cases.
Our work

Our case studies

Our collaboration with a global satellite and internet industry leader has slowly increased since 2020. We enhanced mobile apps and a web portal, developed a scalable JavaScript framework, streamlined backend infrastructure, redesigned UX for global users and integrated 3rd party solutions, contributing to the development of a worldwide ecosystem and serving as a strategic partner.

API Integrations

We streamline telecom software development by seamlessly integrating crucial APIs, empowering clients with enhanced functionalities like billing, network management, location-based services, and secure authentication within their tailored solutions.

Business support systems (BSS)

Analytics software
Billing and Revenue Management
Product Catalog Management
Order Management
Customer self-service portals

Operations support systems (OSS)

Network Management Systems
Service Delivery Platforms
Inventory Management
SLA monitoring
Fault Management
Performance Management


Over a decade ago, the concept of Open Innovation emerged, advocating for the sharing of ideas among innovators and enhancing the collective pool of knowledge. This approach has evolved into Open Banking, which allows third-party financial service providers access to banking and financial data, driving innovation in banking.
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