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We design and develop fintech solutions that prioritize user experience, enhanced security, optimal cross-platform functionality, and third-party integrations.
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Revolutionize the way you handle financial operations

Our mission is to empower financial institutions and fintech startups, revolutionizing operations, fostering collaboration, and shaping the future of financial services. We excel in managing data, leveraging cloud capabilities, and pioneering API integrations.

Software engineering and digital products for:


Payment Processors

Digital Banks

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Platforms

Wealth Management companies

Lending Platforms

Insurtech Companies

Financial Data Analytics Companies

Why us?

We understand the intricate challenges of the financial sector. With a wealth of experience, we have successfully delivered transformative solutions for a diverse range of clients. 

Our experience extends across multiple sectors of the industry:










Our Fintech Services

We specialize in improved customer experiences, regulatory compliance, end-to-end solutions, data management, cloud capabilities, and lowering barriers for new digital players. Navigate digital transformation effectively for lasting success with our engineering teams. 


Custom Fintech solutions

Empower your clients with user-friendly and feature-rich applications. We design apps that prioritize a seamless user experience, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mobile banking solutions

We excel in secure cross-platform mobile banking with a focus on user experience, integration, and security.

Payments solutions

Craft payment solutions that prioritize security, compliance, and cross-platform compatibility, offering a robust foundation for successful development.

Open banking solutions

Empower customers with control over financial data, access to innovative services, and enhanced transparency in transactions for a better banking experience.

Generative AI solutions

Transform your product with AI solutions, focusing on enhancing customer experiences, automating tasks, boosting security, and providing accurate financial insights.

Blockchain solutions

Our blockchain experts can integrate distributed ledger technology into your systems, providing the foundation your digital product requires.

AI-driven analytics solutions

From predictive analytics to fraud detection, our systems leverage artificial intelligence to provide actionable insights and enhance decision-making processes.

Cloud-based solutions

Our Fintech software solutions leverage cloud technology to ensure that your systems can adapt and scale alongside your business growth.


Launch a mobile banking application under your own brand using our white label solutions, which leverages third-party licences, permissions, certifications, and modular microservices.

Ivory is a FREE and open source banking app.

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API Integrations

As the Fintech industry progresses, API integrations become pivotal, shaping the future of financial services. Our commitment lies in driving innovation and great user experiences through these integrations, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the evolving landscape.
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We are the trusted fintech integrator of some of the best FinTech providers in the world

Solaris, Europe's first and leading Embedded Finance Platform, is our trusted partner. Our work combines our technical expertise in creating customizable frontend solutions for neobanks with Solaris’ vast experience in handling regulatory complexities in the financial technology space. 
AZZUR's ecosystem encompasses BaaS providers, API-based fintech service providers, and a wide range of financial products and services. Together, we can deliver seamless embedded finance integrations, eliminating the need for internal teams, all at an attractive price point and backed by a proven track record.
SaaScada is a data-driven core banking engine; born in the cloud, using cloud-native architecture. SaaScada’s unified product hub enables the creation of a suite of financial products without costly product modules. This enables challengers to get to market faster and established banks to build new products using SaaScada alongside legacy systems.
Tuum is the next-gen core banking with a cloud-native, API-first platform empowering banks to rapidly launch customer-centric services, new revenue streams and innovative business models. Additional modules include payments, lending, and cards. Microservices architecture offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Enfuce is an award-winning modular issuer processor that brings together talent, technology, and partners to assist leaders in achieving business growth and customer engagement. They facilitate processes like launching new card use cases, scaling globally, and undergoing transformation programs seamlessly with customers and partners.

Security you can trust

Prioritize the security of your financial operations with our cutting-edge solutions, ensuring data integrity, compliance, and resilience against evolving threats.

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Over a decade ago, the concept of Open Innovation emerged, advocating for the sharing of ideas among innovators and enhancing the collective pool of knowledge. This approach has evolved into Open Banking, which allows third-party financial service providers access to banking and financial data, driving innovation in banking.
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The financial services industry is undergoing a revolution lead by new, digital-centric neobanks and fintechs. Built from the ground up with user-friendliness and flexible functionality as their guiding principles, these new players are rapidly gaining traction. A report by AppRadar shows that neobanks are taking the lead in user growth with 18 million more downloads than legacy banks in 2023.
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming pivotal in enhancing the security of mobile banking applications. Through our work on the open-source banking front-end, Ivory, we've delved deep into how these technologies not only redefine security paradigms but also ensure a highly personalized banking experience.
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