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We engineer innovative digital products from the ground up blending diligent proactiveness and high quality standards to ensure enduring success.
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Our mission

To transform your idea into the best possible digital product.

Whether you're starting from scratch or seeking to enhance an existing project, our end-to-end digital design, development, and scaling solutions are tailored precisely to your vision. We're more than consultants; we're your trusted partners through the ever-evolving landscape of digital products.

We believe in data

Thinslices has grown from an idea to an international team of over 130. We're a full-service product development company with a global presence in Iasi, Lisbon, and Berlin. Our dedicated teams utilize a unique approach to manage projects and provide ongoing support.
Over 200 projects
13+ years of experience
130+ people
83 client NPS for 2023
With a relentless focus on innovation, our comprehensive suite of services, including Product Design Sprint, Product Validation Sprint, Rapid Prototyping, Research & Development, and User Research & Testing, ensures that your software product is not just functional but market-ready and aligned with your vision.

Proven excellence

Our clients are global across many different industries. Together we've designed and developed more than 100+ digital products.
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Our values

They are the bedrock upon which we build our relationships, products, and services. Our values define who we are and how we operate, and they represent the essence of our organization.

Engineering mindset

  • Find the root cause (ask the 5 whys)
  • Plan before you act
  • Solve like an engineer


  • Take commitment seriously
  • Be hard working
  • Go the extra mile


  • Sweep nothing under the rug
  • Empower by sharing information
  • Be receptive to feedback and new ideas

Entrepreneurial attitude

  • Change is the only constant. Embrace it!
  • Every pain is an opportunity
  • Be part of the solution

Team player

  • Care for your team mate
  • Lend a hand
  • Win together (lose together)

Our partners


Solaris, Europe's first and leading Embedded Finance Platform, is our trusted partner. Our work combines our technical expertise in creating customizable frontend solutions for neobanks with Solaris’ vast experience in handling regulatory complexities in the financial technology space. 

AZZUR's ecosystem encompasses BaaS providers, API-based fintech service providers, and a wide range of financial products and services. Together, we can deliver seamless embedded finance integrations, eliminating the need for internal teams, all at an attractive price point and backed by a proven track record.
SaaScada is a data-driven core banking engine; born in the cloud, using cloud-native architecture. SaaScada’s unified product hub enables the creation of a suite of financial products without costly product modules. This enables challengers to get to market faster and established banks to build new products using SaaScada alongside legacy systems.
Tuum is the next-gen core banking with a cloud-native, API-first platform empowering banks to rapidly launch customer-centric services, new revenue streams and innovative business models. Additional modules include payments, lending, and cards. Microservices architecture offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
Enfuce is an award-winning modular issuer processor that brings together talent, technology, and partners to assist leaders in achieving business growth and customer engagement. They facilitate processes like launching new card use cases, scaling globally, and undergoing transformation programs seamlessly with customers and partners.

Let's discuss your product vision and how we can help you achieve it.

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