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  • Trends and Predictions: The Next Wave of Fintech Innovation in Europe
    Paula Cristea - 4 Apr 2024
    The fintech sector is brimming with exciting trends for 2024 and beyond. These innovations redefine financial services and unlock a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs. From streamlined invoicing to next-generation treasury solutions, fintech startups are tailoring their offerings to address your specific needs.
  • Thinslices and Resourcify
    Paula Cristea - 29 Mar 2024
    In January 2024, our collaboration with Resourcify took off, focusing on a series of specific technological advancements aimed at enhancing their digital ecosystem. At the heart of our collaboration with Resourcify are several key objectives designed to expand their digital platform and overall operational efficiency. We aim to transition their platform from Angular to React, strengthen their infrastructure, streamline backend code, and update their database systems. Integral to achieving these goals is our contribution to incorporate automated testing, a strategy that will guarantee a smooth and effective transformation process.
  • 13 AI Tools For Digital Work & Productivity
    Paula Cristea - 22 Mar 2024
    Who among us has not chatted with Chat GPT or Bard Gemini in the last couple of days? While these are the most popular AI apps used in today’s digital work, thousands of other platforms streamline work and life across many more use cases. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing at a breakneck pace. A new analysis by the International Monetary Fund shows that AI will affect almost 40 percent of jobs around the world, replacing some and complimenting others. In more advanced economies, roughly 60% of job roles could feel the impact of AI. On one side, about half of these roles could see benefits from AI integration, improving efficiency and productivity. However, for the other half, AI might start handling essential tasks that humans currently do, potentially reducing the need for labor.


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