• Ilie Ghiciuc - 21 Jul 2021
    Analysing the market, deciding on the type of app you will build, estimating the budget and, finally, the execution – they all are long steps that can sometimes discourage you. However, they all are equally important. Neglecting some can prejudice the others and can eventually cause delays in the release.
  • From freelancer to Thinslicer
    Cristian Gherghel - 13 Apr 2021
    My story starts in college; actually in my dropping out of it In '98 I went to college in Bucharest. I tried to keep up for about two years, but when I found the PC room in the basement, with around 20 Windows NT machines connected to the Internet, something clicked for me. I was so fascinated that shortly after I dropped out of school to create my own story.
  • Paula Cristea - 23 Sep 2020
    The biggest difference between the two is that React is a library and not a framework per se. Imagine it like an actual library; a huge place with wonderful books, aka “coding pieces” in software development, that you can use to add new functions to a website or app. Angular is a framework; picture it as an actual frame. To fit a certain picture into that frame you have to cut it, meaning you can’t go back. In software development, a framework comes with a specific standard for an app or website. It is limited, setting an unchangeable project architecture. Once cut, you can’t uncut it. React gives you more coding freedom because it enables you to use the library and add new functions to an existing website or app. With Angular, you must always abide by the rules of the initial framework. While both are powerful development technologies, additional core differences between AngularJS (the framework) and ReactJS (the library) are mentioned in the lines below.
  • Paula Cristea - 7 Sep 2020
    It’s okay to feel a little reluctant when you first begin a collaboration with a remote software development team. Managing a team located hundreds of kilometers away can make you feel a little insecure, and that’s alright. But you need to build your product on time, on budget, and to top code quality standards, and hiring an internal development team doesn’t always make financial sense.
  • React.js statistics
    Paula Cristea - 1 Sep 2020
    Why do we love it? Because it helps us create the most engaging web apps efficiently and fast with minimal coding. Since its release back in 2013, the goal of React.js was to provide outstanding rendering performance, considering its core strength is on individual components. Although it won the “battle” against Vue.js in 2019, things are changing fast in the software development realm; ASP.NET Core occupies the pole position with 70.7%, followed by React.js with 68,9%.


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