• Ilie Ghiciuc - 25 Nov 2023
    Device binding is a critical security measure in the world of fintech, particularly for mobile banking applications. As a fintech product development company we are only too aware of this. We experienced firsthand with the importance and implementation of device binding in projects like Mobilize Pay, Penta and our open-source mobile banking front-end, Ivory.
  • Stefan Sarbu - 11 Sep 2023
    We are excited to announce our partnership with Solaris, one of Europe’s first and leading Embedded Finance Platform. Our work together will combine our technical expertise in creating user-friendly frontend solutions for neobanks with Solaris’ vast experience in handling regulatory complexities in the financial technology space.
  • Thinslices Aazzur partnership
    Stefan Sarbu - 29 Jun 2023
    This partnership aims to revolutionise the financial technology landscape by leveraging AAZZUR's comprehensive tech stack and Thinslices' expertise in digital product development. Together, we can deliver seamless embedded finance integrations, eliminating the need for internal teams, all at an attractive price point and backed by a proven track record.


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