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With 13+ years of experience and 200+ successful projects, we've consistently engineered enduring, innovative digital solutions, making us your trusted partners through the ever-evolving landscape of digital products.
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Discover how Thinslices helped Audora achieve streamlined audit processes, automated tasks, and enhanced efficiency with Fortune 200 companies. Read the full case study for insights.
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Discover how Thinslices helped Humant Life design and develop their influencer media MVP, integrating AI. Read our case study for insights.
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We helped Hindawi rebuild their peer review system using modern technologies. Founded in 1997, Hindawi publishes 200+ peer-reviewed open access journals under its own brand. In 2021, Hindawi was acquired by Wiley, a leading global publisher, a partnership which is set to drive innovation in research communication for generations to come.
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Thinslices' Journey with Penta in the European Fintech Landscape Based in Berlin, Penta started its journey in 2017, and has been Germany's leading provider of digital financial management for SMEs, self-employed and freelancers. The end goal of Penta was to create an integrated digital banking platform that brings together the best of financial services integrations, so that their users can effectively manage all their business activities from the same application.
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We prepared an insurtech platform for scaling in 2 weeks. In a tight span of two weeks, Thinslices collaboratively diagnosed and rectified key product challenges for Canopy, just before 2020. Our swift intervention led to the unveiling of an enhanced insurtech product, improving functionality and user experience.
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We brought Deutsche Fintech Solutions to life by making paper digital. DFS is a joint venture between Germany’s largest independent financial advisor (DVAG) and FinLeap, Europe’s leading FinTech ecosystem.
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We kickstarted a long and healthy relationship by reinventing BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider of more than 70 medical journals. It is internationally renowned for its publication of The BMJ (British Medical Journal), which is currently one of the top 5 general medical journals in the world.
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Mobilize, a business unit of the French car manufacturer Renault needed to achieve ambitious deadlines. We developed their mobile app, integrated their services with Solaris Bank, and managed other integrations like CO2 points and cashback.
In January 2024, our collaboration with Resourcify took off, focusing on a series of specific technological advancements aimed at enhancing their digital ecosystem. Our goal was to transition their platform from Angular to React, strengthen their infrastructure, streamline backend code, and update their database systems.

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Solaris, Europe's first and leading Embedded Finance Platform, is our trusted partner. Our work combines our technical expertise in creating customizable frontend solutions for neobanks with Solaris’ vast experience in handling regulatory complexities in the financial technology space.
AZZUR's ecosystem encompasses BaaS providers, API-based fintech service providers, and a wide range of financial products and services. Together, we can deliver seamless embedded finance integrations, eliminating the need for internal teams, all at an attractive price point and backed by a proven track record.

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