Insurtech platform

We prepared an insurtech platform for scaling in 2 weeks.

In a tight span of two weeks, Thinslices collaboratively diagnosed and rectified key product challenges for Canopy, just before 2020. Our swift intervention led to the unveiling of an enhanced insurtech product, improving functionality and user experience. 



The challenge

The client had the holy grail of digital products: they had established a product-market fit and had the users. The implementation, however, was not on the same successful track. 

Our approach

Just before 2020, as the platform was gaining momentum, we created a 2-phased plan to help fix critical issues. With just two weeks to understand, address, and rectify the product's bugs and blockers, the challenge lay in swift yet effective interventions, ensuring that quality wasn’t sacrificed for speed.

During phase one we assembled a team of five people with the main goal of improving overall product functionality for critical features.

The team went on to create a  list of technical debt, a detailed backlog of stories, a next version roadmap and an accountability chart for key people developing the product.

Phase two saw us create an admin panel for Canopy employees to ensure manual validation for a renter's passport that couldn't be automated at that time. We also improved the UI/UX of the agency-side admin panel where agents manage tenancy agreements.

* The project took place in 2019. Since then, Canopy has rebranded and increased their product's success under new management.



phases of the project


releases in 4 months


improvements implemented


fixes made
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Tahir Farooqui 

"I cannot thank you all for the support we have received from you in turning around my product and technology. You guys are amazing! Special thanks to Dan and Raluca. Their work ethic is commendable."

Technical specifications


Kanban, Scrum
3rd party integration with insurer
Custom design services
User flow focus
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