IDEATE: Product Strategy & Discovery

From defining the product scope and validating its potential to crafting prototypes and conducting meticulous user research, we ensure a holistic approach to your product ideation journey.
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Unlocking Your Product's Potential

Tailored for startups, scale-ups, and enterprises, this phase addresses pivotal unknowns. From understanding market needs, identifying burning issues, and defining target audiences to analyzing competitors and conducting thorough market and user re search, we start defining your product strategy.

Clarity in objectives

Answer critical questions that are incremental for the next stages, such as product value proposition, desired business model, target market, and addressable users. We work closely with you to develop an all-encompassing product strategy that prioritizes:

Defining the product scope

Set clear boundaries for what the product will and won't include, ensuring focus on essential features and functionalities.

Assessing product complexity

Start visualizing your idea and pinpoint the ideal path for technical development.

Understanding users’ needs

Replace assumptions with informed decisions through a detailed user analysis.
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Our strategy building is meticulous, data-driven, and infused with a deep understanding of your industry. We partner with you to craft a strategy that not only works on paper, but is actionable and adaptable to changes.


Our case studies

Ivory is a FREE and open source banking app. Launch a mobile banking application under your own brand using our white label solutions, which leverages third-party licenses, permissions, certifications, and modular microservices.
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Strategic Prioritization

Our Discovery Workshops are immersive, interactive sessions, meticulously designed to engage all stakeholders and unite them behind your project's vision. We're dedicated to:

Bringing to light hidden opportunities and challenges


Prioritizing work based on your overall objectives and user needs


Aligning all stakeholders behind a single, compelling project vision

Our interactive workshops are expertly crafted, ensuring that everyone on the team, from developers to decision-makers, is on the same page. Through a series of in-depth discussions, creative brainstorming, and data analysis, we build the foundation for a streamlined development path.

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Enhanced Design Focus

The right decisions at this stage can determine your project's success or failure. We're here to make sure your product concept is more than just an idea. We're committed to:

Gathering invaluable feedback from real users


Assisting you in making informed decisions based on real-world experiences.


Testing your product concept in practical situations, based on usage data


Our validation process combines user insights and data analysis. We create an environment that accurately mirrors the real market, ensuring your concept is tested in multiple stages across its lifecycle. We validate some assumptions as early as at the design prototype level, use data and user feedback for validation of working software, and adjust course based on real-world experiences. This way we ensure sustainable success and reduce risks in stages.


IDEATE: Product strategy development

Our multifaceted approach for product ideation brings together a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your project's unique needs. Including: Product Design Sprint, Product Validation Sprint, Rapid Prototyping, Research & Development, User Research & Testing.

Product Design Sprint

A high-level scoping of your product will help us understand what are the requirements, the product direction, and the challenges.
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Product Validation Sprint

Ensure that your product concept is viable by validating its key components. Gather feedback and make data-driven decisions to refine your product.
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Rapid Prototyping

On top of product design and specifications, we build a clickable prototype that simulates the experience of using the application, which we can test with real users.
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Research & Development

Market research focused on digital interactions helps to inform design solutions, which are followed up with iterative testing.
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User Research & Testing

User research techniques provide directional insight and validation for your product, allowing for better prioritization of requirements.
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Our technologies

We tailor our technologies to your needs

Thinslices takes pride in crafting robust and innovative software solutions. Our tech stack is the foundation upon which we build cutting-edge applications and deliver exceptional user experiences. Here's a glimpse into the powerful technologies we employ: 


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Design tools

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We are the partners of your project

Conceptualize, develop, and launch your product with us, in less than 6 months.

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Our comprehensive approach includes prototype development, wireframe-to-design transformation, and creating a detailed style guide, all driven by your product’s value proposition.
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Where innovation & design meet execution to bring your digital solutions to life. Our diverse set of services is tailored to suit your project's unique needs: web app development, mobile app development, AI tools, and more.
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