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Navigate product development effortlessly with our tailored Teams as a Service (TaaS) solution. We assemble expert full-feature teams, each uniquely crafted to match your specific requirements.
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Remote software engineering and digital product development teams for your growth needs

We build remote engineering teams for startups in hyper-growth, scale-ups, and corporate innovation groups. Our extensive experience of over 14 years enables us to consistently deliver exceptional quality across all facets of our service, encompassing technology, communication, project management, and expectation management.






Why work with us

With Thinslices, you gain access to a unified team of experts, dedicated to your success and committed to innovation. No more managing freelancers or assembling individual employees – we've streamlined the process, providing you with a well-coordinated team ready to hit the ground running. Our teams are invested in your project's success!

Business Growth Focus

Devote your time to business growth while our expert team handles the technical aspects. Your dedicated project team will be an extension of your core team, amplifying your capacity without the hassle of recruiting and training from scratch.

Strong project governance

Our consistent delivery of high-quality work is achieved through having a Software Delivery Lead, an Account Manager, and our own governance processes. Our NPS of 83 across projects at different sizes and in different industries confirms it.

Streamlined Onboarding

Our approach is to adapt to the customer's way of working but also to employ good practices we know will increase the quality of the output such as test-driven development, peer programming, and other Agile development techniques.

Accelerated Time to Productivity

We’ve assembled digital product development teams hundreds of times and honed ‘a way of doing it’ by which we ensure high productivity from the very start. Our engineers are learning continually and being mentored by senior technical managers.

Maintain Ownership of Your Code

Maintain complete ownership and control over your code and intellectual property with our tailored TaaS solution. This safeguards your innovations and prevents unauthorized access or distribution. We can seamlessly integrate with your existing toolchain or implement our own.

Direct Communication Setup

During onboarding, we define what effective collaboration means for you and we design the right communication pace. Talk to every member of the team every day in the daily meetings and get real-time updates.

Scale up/Scale down

Scale your workforce up or down effortlessly as projects progress, ensuring you always have the right resources and expertise at your disposal. You can effectively allocate resources, access a wide range of diverse skill sets, and navigate market fluctuations.

Retention Guarantee

Work with a team that averages a tenure of four years, fostering a positive and lasting work environment. We retain over 85% of our employees each year. Our robust knowledge transfer processes ensure that your team's expertise remains intact even if a member decides to leave.

Enhanced Project Quality

Our expertise provides a competitive edge for your project. Dedicated teams have a proven track record of delivering industry-tailored products that meet the highest standards of performance.
What others say

We excel at what we do.
Take our happy clients’ word for it.

Walter Beluco 
General Manager, Mobilize Pay,

"A solid company with brilliant leadership. Thinslices translated complex concepts into a user-friendly app on time and within budget. The team’s innovative approach and strategic insights met the project’s specifications. Further, they maintained clear communication while adhering to quality. Thinslices’ client-centered approach stood out.“

Our process

Build your team. The crucial steps to ensure the right mix of talent and cohesion.

Identify Project Needs

We start by thoroughly understanding your project's requirements, and determining the skills, roles, and expertise needed to achieve your goals. This might involve project managers, designers, developers, quality assurance specialists, and other relevant roles.

Create a Team Roster

Based on the identified needs, we create and propose a list of potential team members. The list will include individuals with diverse skills and experience levels to ensure a well-rounded team.

Project-Specific Training

If your project requires specific knowledge or tools, we will provide training or access to resources to ensure that all team members are on the same page.

Define Roles and Responsibilities

Clearly outline each team member's roles and responsibilities. This ensures everyone knows their tasks and how they contribute to the project's success.

Regular Meetings and Updates

Schedule regular team meetings, check-ins, and progress updates. This keeps everyone informed, aligned, and motivated.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

We have already adopted a culture of feedback and continuous improvement. We encourage team members to provide input, share their insights, and help identify areas for enhancement.

Monitoring and Adjustment

We monitor the team's performance and project progress. We are open to adjustments as needed, such as adding or replacing team members if the project needs change.
Our technologies

We tailor our technologies to your needs

Thinslices takes pride in crafting robust and innovative software solutions. Our tech stack is the foundation upon which we build cutting-edge applications and deliver exceptional user experiences. Here's a glimpse into the powerful technologies we employ:


Notion Slack logo Zoom logo Jira Software logo Miro logo Trello logo

Design tools

Figma logo Illustrator logo Photoshop Adobe XD logo Invision logo Webflow logo

Development tools

Java Docker Flutter VSCode NodeJS logo React logo TypeScript logo React Native logo

Development Storage Providers

Google Cloud logo AWS logo Netlify logo

We are the partners of your project

Experience the power of seamless collaboration and exceptional results with our TaaS solutions.

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Assemble the right team for your project


Web Developers


Solution Architects


Product Managers


Mobile Developers


DevOps Engineers


Account Managers


UI/UX Designers


Software Delivery Leads


Quality Assurance Engineers


Product Designers


Project Managers


Our case studies

We kickstarted a long and healthy relationship by reinventing BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider of more than 70 medical journals. It is internationally renowned for its publication of The BMJ (British Medical Journal), which is currently one of the top 5 general medical journals in the world.
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Our industries

Hire dedicated, industry-specific teams

By partnering with our dedicated, industry-specific teams of software developers, you're not just acquiring software; you're gaining a strategic advantage in your industry.

We bring in-depth domain knowledge, compliance expertise, and a commitment to innovation to every project, ensuring that your software solutions are tailor-made for success in the Fintech, Telecom, and Publishing sectors.



Unlocking Financial Innovation: 
Pioneering Fintech Solutions
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Connecting the Future: 
Leading the Way in Telecom Innovation
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Revolutionising Publishing:
Shaping the Future of Content Delivery
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Advancing Healthtech:
Streamlined Healthcare Solutions
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Our A’s to your Q’s

Can you define your Teams as a Service Model?

Teams as a service are dedicated development teams that provide you with skilled programmers and specialists to enhance your business operations while retaining control over the software development process, similar to a remote IT department.

The team is adaptable to your project's changing needs, and you can delegate selection, hiring, and management responsibilities to your IT partner, in this case to us. This collaborative approach eliminates the burden of managing office space, equipment, labor taxes, and employment costs, leading to significant savings, all while accessing top-tier tech expertise transparently. Opting for a dedicated development team grants you access to a vast pool of resources and technical know-how at a cost-effective rate.

How are the teams structured?

A dedicated development team encompasses a variety of specialists, including developers skilled in mobile solutions, web front-end and back-end programming, as well as designers, quality assurance engineers, testers, business analysts, project managers, and software architects. What sets this team apart is its adaptability to your unique project needs, forming a tightly-knit group of IT professionals responsible for all project tasks and deliverables.

What can I expect if I choose to form a dedicated team?

  • Regular and clear communication
  • Robust stack of technologies
  • Cross-functional team
  • Commitment to the result
  • Assigned responsibilities
  • Agile approach
  • Long-term partnership

Team as a Service Insights

The promise of Team-as-a-Service (TaaS) is undeniable: a dedicated development team at your fingertips, ready to propel your product vision forward. But let's face it, geographical distance can introduce hurdles. Time zones differ, accents may create misunderstandings, and fostering a cohesive team spirit across continents can seem daunting.
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We tailor our approach to align with your project requirements

Contact us today and skip the hassle of managing freelancers or individual hires. Thinslices delivers a ready-to-go team.

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