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In a digital age where content is king, the challenge of keeping media fresh and engaging is ever-present. This is where our collaboration with Humant Life comes into play. In July 2023, Thinslices embarked on an ambitious venture with Humant Life, aiming to transform the way influencer content is utilized and appreciated.

Our joint project focused on developing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a web platform that redefines the use of influencer media, leveraging AI to breathe new life into existing photos and videos.



The Client

Humant Life stands as a trailblazer in the influencer content domain. Their expertise lies in reinvigorating existing influencer media - photos and videos - by repackaging them into fresh, appealing stock content.

This platform is not just a stock library; it's a creative nexus, providing genuine and dynamic visuals for influencers, brands, agencies, and publishers alike. Humant Life champions a dual mission: offering a sustainable revenue model for creators and delivering a diverse portfolio of genuine, captivating content to businesses. They're redefining the landscape of visual storytelling.


Our Collaboration

In July 2023, Thinslices joined forces with the visionaries behind Humant Life, embarking on an ambitious venture to engineer the MVP for a web platform. This platform breathes new life into previously utilized influencer content from popular social platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, repurposing it into licensable stock videos for media agencies and brands.


At the heart of this platform lies AI technology, adept at discerning and fulfilling contextual searches from a meticulously assembled influencer library. Humant Life breaks new ground by keeping influencer videos relevant and engaging well past the typical three-month freshness window in digital content. Acting as a vibrant marketplace, Humant Life ingeniously re-catalogs and showcases old photos and videos, tagging them with contextual metadata. This initiative not only preserves but also monetizes valuable influencer content from our shared social media history.

Our collaboration with Humant Life is a testament to innovative content strategy, overcoming the limitations of time-bound relevance and forging new connections between influencers and their audiences.

The challenge

In the ever-evolving world of video content, influencers face a tight window of opportunity to maximize their earnings. Typically, a video garners half of its revenue in just the first three days post-upload, with the rest trickling in over the next two to three months. This fleeting lifecycle underscores a pressing challenge: the swift decline in a video's earning potential beyond this short timeframe.




For influencers, the upload process itself presents hurdles, especially in accurately inputting textual metadata. This inaccuracy can significantly hinder the content's discoverability and effectiveness, both for users and digital algorithms. Consequently, many potentially lucrative assets remain dormant and underutilized, leading to lost revenue opportunities.

On the flip side, agencies, brands, and publishers navigate a vast sea of content, often struggling to pinpoint specific, licensable material. The overwhelming abundance of options calls for a streamlined approach. There's a growing need for a centralized platform that not only houses a comprehensive collection of influencer-generated content but also incorporates brand mapping features.

Our approach

Our approach involved developing the MVP of a pioneering platform that redefines the influencer content arena. The essence of our solution for Humant Life was to transform existing influencer media - specifically, old photos and videos - into fresh, compelling stock content. This strategic repurposing aimed to extend the lifespan and relevance of influencer content, breathing new life into what might otherwise remain underutilized.


We built a meticulously curated stock library, not just as a content repository but as a creative sanctuary. This platform serves a dual purpose: it provides influencers, brands, agencies, and publishers with authentic, engaging visuals, and it establishes a sustainable revenue stream for content creators.

Our MVP solution positions Humant Life as a vanguard in the visual storytelling domain, changing the paradigm of how influencers and businesses interact with and leverage content. By focusing on authenticity and the captivating nature of visual narratives, we crafted a solution that resonates with the needs of both content creators and businesses seeking meaningful, impactful visuals.

Technical specifications

Agile framework
System architecture
Database design
API design
Security design
Test-Driven Development (TDD)
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Niro Thavarajah 
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“What stood out most about Thinslices was the exceptional quality of their people. Their team exhibited a remarkable ability to patiently navigate and fill in the gaps in our knowledge, always extending a helping hand when we encountered challenges. The kindness and generosity they demonstrated in learning the intricacies of our product alongside us were truly impressive.

Thinslices didn't just provide a service; they became partners on our journey, contributing not only their expertise but also their genuine commitment to understanding and enhancing our vision. This unique blend of professionalism, patience, and generosity made our collaboration not just efficient but also enjoyable, fostering a strong and positive working relationship“



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MVP breakdown

During this pivotal development phase, our primary objective was to create the MVP within a tight timeframe, ensuring the product's prompt market readiness. The central focus of our MVP initiative was the implementation of a sophisticated and fully functional search engine, designed to significantly enhance users' search capabilities when seeking specific content within images and videos.

The crux of the MVP lay in the creation of a search engine equipped to decipher contextual metadata. This encompassed aspects such as mood, spoken words, and the identification of people and objects, like a "Temple," within an image or video—details often absent from titles or descriptions.


The platform, meticulously developed during this phase, empowering users to discover content based on these contextual markers, presenting an unprecedented search experience. Leveraging advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art technology, we ensured that the search engine transcended conventional limitations, delivering a refined and intelligent search process. 

The complexity of the search engine was carefully managed, with an exclusive emphasis on development. Through rigorous coding and programming efforts, we created a powerful backend infrastructure that seamlessly processed and interpreted the contextual metadata, contributing to the efficacy of the search engine.


This development-centric approach was instrumental in meeting the tight timeline requirements while delivering a product that resonates with users seeking an advanced solution for content discovery within images and videos. Our commitment to efficient development without compromising functionality has resulted in an MVP that addresses the core needs of the client’s target audience, setting the stage for future enhancements and iterations.

The successful integration of Test-Driven Development (TDD) principles played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall quality and reliability of the project. This approach ensured that each component met specified requirements, contributing to a robust and resilient project architecture.


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