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Zero to One digital product development


A methodology that sets us apart


How would you like to build your product?

In one large, possibly risky step or in several smaller steps where success is validated more often? Or maybe you’d like to take a few steps, stop, think things through and then continue the journey, knowing a bit more about the destination than you did before?

Working with knowledge-powered small steps helps us organise our projects, as well as our services. The phases a digital product goes through correspond to the four services that we provide. You are offered such a high degree of flexibility that you can pick any or all of them, depending on your needs.

Design to Minimum Viable Product

When Sketches Meet Code to Create Magic


In the following 3 to 6 months, the goal is to develop and deliver functionalities about 90% of the time. By doing so, we validate hypotheses that use the previous phase as a backbone.

Resulting are an advanced technical prototype, a minimal set of features that deliver the core value of the product, and a marketable product.

Identifying the shortest and most relevant path to market ensures a quick launch of the product’s version that can get a favorable market response and fulfills a real need.

Minimum Viable Product to One

When the Product Turns into a Business


Once the product is validated and the client knows that it satisfies a real market need, it can take up to 2 years to develop additional functionalities following interactions with early adopters and suppliers. By using a predictable methodology, it is possible to deliver such functionalities after each sprint.

During this phase, the client understands unforeseen challenges and the way the product copes on the market. As a consequence, the client is able to develop the team and the business around the product, while hitting performance indicators consistently. Compared to the team selected for the previous steps, the one handling MVP to One can be smaller or bigger, depending on the needs of the product.

The focus shifts from development to finding solutions on how the product and the business could grow, be profitable and generate long-term ROI. Following this process, the product reaches market fit and can be scaled for ever-increasing value.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our Secrets Are No Secret


Thinslices has grown from an idea to a team of 70. All the lessons learnt (from failures and success), all the ideas validated, all our experiment results can be leveraged to your benefit.

  • Don’t know how to better start a technology project to maximise its chances of success?
  • Are you struggling with delivering results in a context of high uncertainty?
  • Feeling unsure about the type of skills needed in your product development team?
  • How do you efficiently organise the team working on your product?
  • Are you looking to disrupt a business context and require support doing it?

Tell us about your challenges! We’ll bring our experience out to play.


SaaS Execution Map

Our experience and learning are condensed in the SaaS Execution Map, a framework that you can use to reduce the uncertainty regarding roles, skills and processes when building digital products.

Want to significantly increase the chances of successfully developing your digital product on time, on budget and with the planned features and functionalities? The SaaS Execution Map can support your next digital product development project.

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