10 Resume Tips for Those Who Want to Be Called for an Interview

Because we have received many resumes throughout the years, we thought it would be useful if we made a list with resume tips for those who apply for a job and want to be called for an interview at Thinslices.

  1. If you send the resume and then don’t reply to the email that you receive, you’ll definitely not be called for an interview.

  2. No, you don’t stand a chance if the email looks like this:


I am sending you my resume.

I hope it’s of interest."

3. Nor if you attach the resume to an email without a subject line or a body.

4. Nor if you don’t know what position you’re applying for. If the company has announced several positions, it is recommended that you decide upon one of them before sending your resume.

5. If the job ad is in Romanian, you’ve got no reason to write your email in English. By doing this you’ll only look suspicious (“Does this mean that he copy-pasted a message sent to another company?”).

6. Ideally, your resume should be in PDF format. This way you make sure that all the fonts and formats stay the same and the person reading the resume understands what you wrote.

7. No, you will definitely not be called for an interview if you send the resume 14 days after the deadline specified in the ad.

8. And no, it’s not recommended to wait until the last minute to send your resume (approx. 30% of those who applied for a position during a campaign we did a few years ago, sent their resume during the last 2 days). Given the fact that we interviewed the candidates as we were receiving the resumes, those who pressed “send” during the last 2 days had a clear disadvantage.

9. Yes, it is recommended that you send a cover letter, even if that is not mentioned in the ad.

10. And yes, it is recommended that you be creative and adapt your job application to the situation. If the ad was a creative one, you will definitely win some points if your message and resume are inspired by it. We only had 3 candidates that adapted their message to the style we used in the campaign, through vocabulary or certain visuals that they used in the resume as well as in the cover letter (for example, Raluca changed her standard photo with one specifically adapted to our campaign).

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