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  • Alex Cristea - 7 Jul 2022
    We’ve recently taken over an existing project which suffered from some significant issues with the build and deployment processes: builds were tied to a specific machine and developer account; credentials were manually managed; and release processes were handled manually and tracked in spreadsheets.
  • Alex Cristea - 10 Jul 2020
    I am a full-time software developer at Thinslices, and I also have Team Leader responsibilities. Like many of us, for the past 4 months I’ve been working from home. I also have a toddler who is in his curiosity & house exploration stage. The good part is that it has a full-time mother, so I don't have to do too much kid management 😂.
  • Alex Cristea - 20 May 2020
    When a project ends, some clients are not entirely sure what they should be asking from us. They know that the source code and documentation are owned by them but they're not entirely clear on the exact steps of the handover. To make this process easier for everyone involved, we created a checklist to ensure an efficient project handover. We started from the premise that other developers will work on that project in the future and we asked ourselves "What information would this new team need to be able to re-start the project independently from our initial work?"


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