Insights by Dan Diac

  • Dan Diac - 29 May 2020
    More often than not, we evaluate people based on their skills. How competent they are, how relevant their experience is, what technologies they use. Especially in the tech industry, we believe that growing our skills will prepare us to deliver better results. I also believe that having the right skills is the best way to do an excellent job. But it shouldn’t stop here. Skills and gear If you’ve ever played an RPG, you would know that besides skills, you should have very good gear. I think this applies to our day-to-day life as well. The gear plays an important part in success, as we can see now in the fast digitalization of some industries.
  • Dan Diac - 8 May 2020
    As software service providers, we have to do our best to tilt those decisions (and their budgets) our way. One way we’ve discovered we can do that very well is by creating a functional proof of concept or a prototype to show potential customers what it would mean to work with us. This is the story of how we broke our winning streak of proof of concepts turned into long term projects and some of the lessons we learned along the way.


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