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Deutsche Fintech Solutions:
Financial consulting

We brought Deutsche Fintech Solutions to life by making paper digital.


DFS is a joint venture between Germany’s largest independent financial advisor (DVAG) and FinLeap, Europe’s leading FinTech ecosystem.

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The challenge
Our client’s objective was to provide their customers with access to the most tailored financial advisory tools, while gathering information in digital format.


Our approach

We transformed the traditional paper version of financial consulting into a digital solution, easier to use and understand.

We’ve put together a strong team to work in collaboration with DFS and address the required client needs and objectives. We improved the product development model, streamlined the user experience, and updated the way in which the end to end development was done.

Our tech stach enabled us to work with smaller, more cohesive and maintainable codebases. We had multiple autonomous teams working effectively together to upgrade, update, or even rewrite parts of the frontend in an incremental fashion.

By the end of the project, we translated the paper process into a modern web application following the implementation of it’s existing legacy from late 90's.





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what others say
We excel at what we do.
Take our happy clients’ word for it.
Pranjal Kothari
Chief Digital Officer,Deutsche Fintech Solutions

"Working together with Thinslices is a pleasure, they are highly client-oriented, flexible, and always full of good ideas. The way of thinking and working matched ours strongly. The team was very high quality and very motivated."


Technical specifications

Architecture and functionalities using Git, Sonarqube





Our work
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