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Deutsche Fintech Solutions


Our client

Deutsche Fintech Solutions is a joint venture between DVAG, Germany’s largest independent financial advisor and FinLeap, Europe’s leading FinTech Ecosystem. They aim to reshape the way financial consulting is done: with digital solutions to provide everyone access to the best individualized and life-situation based financial advisory, putting the goals and wishes of customers first.

The challenge

Thinslices was an invaluable source of support for DFS in its formation stage in a very difficult and competitive recruiting market. They provided us with a strong base team while we built our own up. They worked very closely with our own team in mixed groups to achieve outstanding results in a short time frame.

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Next Project


Working together with Thinslices is a pleasure, they are highly client-oriented, flexible and always full of good ideas. The way of thinking and working matched ours strongly. The team was very high quality and very motivated. We ended up extending both the team size and timeframe and look forward to further good results. Would highly recommend Thinslices to anyone looking at an agile, iterative, client value oriented provider.

Pranjal Kothari, Deutsche Fintech Solutions