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SaaS Execution MapS

The tool that takes uncertainty out of your Digital Product Development



The whole picture could look very different for forward-thinkers if they had all of the necessary information within reach when they started working on the project.

How can this tool help you?

By Clearing the Way to Successful Software Development

The SaaS Execution Map was designed to take the uncertainty out of digital product development, whether it refers to the required roles, skills or processes.

We have condensed our experience and learning on more than 60 projects for global clients in developing this simple tool that does just that:

Increases the chances of a new digital product reach its objectives.

Why should you use it?

Many good ideas never get implemented because developing good software is hard. If you’re doing that in the messy, uncertain, environment of innovation projects, it’s even harder.


Only in 39% of the cases software projects succeed.


In 43% of situations, they are challenged by the timeframe, budget or the number and complexity of features.


18% are either canceled or never used by the intended audience.

Using the SaaS Execution Map

You’ll be able to


Make sure that your digital product will be ready on time and on budget


Have a clear view on what skills and resources are required for your current and future development stages


Determine the features and functionalities of the digital product and be confident that they are all present in the finished product

Who can benefit from this tool?

There are a lot more people with great ideas who need software than there are people with the experience and expertise to build good software:

  • Entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs looking for digital transformation
  • Innovators with bold ideas
  • Others looking to transform a community or disrupt an industry by inventing something better
Saas Execution

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