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In the fast-evolving world of digital content, Thinslices is excited to announce a significant achievement in our collaboration with Humant Life. Born out of Antler's summer 2021 LON4 cohort and supported by APX Berlin, Humant Life's Phase 1 completion stands as a groundbreaking initiative that reshapes the content creation and licensing landscape.

Humant Life's Phase 1 Completion - A Digital Milestone in Content Repurposing

Breaking Grounds in Content Repurposing

Thinslices, as the dedicated software development team, has been instrumental in bringing Humant Life's vision to life. This visionary project seeks to repurpose influencer content into captivating stock photos and videos, providing a solution to creator burnout while addressing the challenges of monetization and content authenticity. This effort seeks to bridge the gap between creators and media agencies, opening new avenues for content creators and revolutionizing the way audiences engage with captivating visuals.

Project Overview
The Humant Life Dream

The dream of Humant Life is to curate a vibrant, interactive stock library teeming with influencer charisma. The ultimate aim is to provide licenses not only to publishers but also to digital artists, video creators, and those venturing into the exciting realms of the metaverse. Thinslices stands proud to be part of this dream, positioned at the intersection of creativity, innovation, and authenticity.

The Humant Life Vision

More than just a project, Humant Life is a force reshaping the very essence of content creation. The visionary mission revolves around repurposing influencer content into captivating stock photos and videos, presenting a dual solution to creator burnout and addressing the challenges of monetization and content authenticity.

Enhanced Search & Discovery

Recognizing the importance of efficient content discovery, advanced search and discoverability features have been implemented. Users can find the perfect content to meet their specific needs.

Key Search Playback

A standout feature allows users to play specific sections of videos based on key search terms, enhancing the user experience and adding convenience to content exploration.

User Focus

At the core of Humant Life are their users – influencers, branding agencies, license buyers, and our dedicated admin team. The platform offers tailored features for each user group, addressing their goals and streamlining their experience.

Critical Path Achievements

Our critical path includes influencer onboarding, efficient content approval, and a user-friendly licensing process. Email notifications have been integrated to ensure users stay informed at every step.

Content Integrations

Exploring content integration from platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, we aim to provide a comprehensive experience. Challenges with Instagram and Twitter content are actively being addressed to ensure smooth user experience.

Crafting a Unique Marketplace

This platform empowers influencers to breathe new life into archival video and photo content from platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Our commitment extends to exploring innovative ways for influencers to engage with their audience through both archived and exclusive content.

Shifting the Paradigm

Traditionally, influencer success is tethered to the generation of new content regularly. However, Humant Life introduces a groundbreaking model, allowing loyal followers to access a creator's old content or indulge in fresh, exclusive material. In return, influencers can now earn a perpetual fee as an additional income stream – marking a paradigm shift in the influencer marketing landscape.

A Fresh Approach to Visual Storytelling

Humant Life distinguishes itself from typical agencies as pioneers in repurposing old influencer content into dynamic stock videos. This signifies a fresh approach to visual storytelling. The passion lies in transforming yesterday's gems into tomorrow's visual masterpieces, and the completion of phase 1 serves as a testament to this commitment.

Elevate Your Marketing Campaigns

With Humant Life is on a mission to elevate marketing and promotional campaigns through a curated stock library brimming with influencer charisma.

What Lies Ahead

While Phase 1 is a significant milestone, the journey is far from over. We continue to explore possibilities such as boot camps, additional payment options, and integrations with content from third-party platforms. – stay tuned for what's next!

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