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Thinslices DevOps Services


Our DevOps services help enterprises and startups transform their software delivery process and accelerate the product release cycle time, while improving operational efficiency.

By adopting our iterative and automated deployment process, you will increase your team’s development speed and lower new software releases failure rates. Also, you will take advantage of driving faster application delivery, enhanced innovation, more stable operating environments, and more focused software development teams.

We use all the leading DevOps tools to automate, manage and optimise the performance of the delivery pipeline for a JavaScript based tech stack.

Thinslices AWS Development Services

DevOps on AWS

With our DevOps Services, we provide rapid delivery of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration and development across the AWS platform.

With more than 30 AWS projects delivered, we have extensive experience and understanding of best practices & tools to implement tailored, highly available and scalable infrastructure as code on AWS.

With our AWS DevOps Implementation you will:
-  get faster time to market by focusing more on developing new features instead of managing the deployment procedures;
- increase the time to productivity for new developers by providing them with a well documented and functional deployment process;
- get a solid AWS infrastructure implementation based on the industry best-practices.

Thinslices DevOps As A Service


We start with a 3-day assessment after which we propose a solution tailored to your company’s situation.

We continue by implementing the agreed upon tailored solution and we'll also document every infrastructure process and procedure.

As a third option, your company can benefit from both assessment and implementation, while opting for faster SLA and other perks.

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