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Thinslices Product Design Services


Our Product Design Process is built for rapidly delivering high-quality design prototypes together with all the necessary artifacts required to start user testing and development.

We've been down this road for a long time and have delivered more than 50 digital projects from concept to launch.

Our goal is to not only turn your vision into reality, but to guide you with best practices. Great softwares achieve business goals and make users’ lives dependent on them.

Thinslices’s Product Designers know how to create products that provide a fresh and simple design with the ability to solve important challenges.

We do this by following our product design process: from strategy and research to concepts, information architecture and UX, visual design execution, prototyping and user validation.

Thinslices Product Design Benefits


By adopting our iterative process, you can find out if your software platform or app is worth developing, if a feature is worth the effort, and if your target market sees the value of your digital product.

You get an accurate representation of the software platform or app and all the information needed to create a budget and a timeline of implementation.

The design prototype can be showcased to potential investors, clients and other stakeholders.

The time it takes for a development team to start working on the software platform or app is minimised.

Thinslices Product Design Process


During the kick-off workshop, the product vision is defined, assessed and validated. Agreeing on the scope and functionality of the product facilitates the upcoming activities.

We’ll put together a comprehensive product description, defining usage context and general specifications.

Once these details are clear, there is a certainty that the product is on the right path, and building the mockup becomes more cost-effective.

UX and UI elements such as user flows and concept maps, along with wireframing and prototyping, are also part of this stage.

At the end, you will have design prototypes ready for user testing, along with the necessary documents & requirements needed to start software development right away.

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