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Thinslices DevOps Services


Our vision for the quality engineering function is one that positions quality engineers as catalysts for productivity and performance in business.

This happens by involving them as soon as possible in the software development process, giving them time for the automation process and using constructive feedback resulting from exploratory tests.

The process itself does not deliver anything, the team delivers. No matter how much we tickle the process, it doesn't change the result much.

A passionate and mature team knows how to eliminate any impediment described above and much more. We build passionate teams with the right work environments, and they bring the expected results.



Manual testing

At Thinslices, our testers play the role of end users whereby they use most of the application’s feature to ensure correct behavior, as mentioned in the requirement document.

Manual Testing of any new application is the imperative step before testing can be automated.


Automation testing

We use automation testing to increase the effectiveness, test coverage, and execution speed in software testing.

From a business perspective, building automation tests offers a greater process agility, faster delivery of features to the market, increasing the ability to adapt to change and reduced operational costs. On the development side, it brings easier operational management, faster set up and improved scalability.

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