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Taking you from 0 to 1.

Step1. Workshop

You have a digital product in mind and you want to take it to the next level? We’re here to help you build the value proposition that will bring real value to your users. This is an essential step in digital creation. After participating in this workshop, you'll be better equipped to define your product and develop a value proposition for it.


Step 2. Product Design

In order for you to be perfectly sure of how the app is going to look and feel, we’ll create a prototype based on the direction given by the value proposition of the product. Based on your feedback, our designer will turn wireframes into design, create the visual style guide for your brand and translate them into fully detailed user stories. Our workshop will help to reduce the time between feedback rounds and, in just a few days, we can define the style that will be used throughout the whole design process.

Product Design

Step 3. Development

After the workshop has ended, the development team will have the user stories needed to create a fully functional version of the application. Depending on your requirements, they can create a stripped down MVP, designed to be showcased to investors and early adopters. They can also create a feature-rich version designed to impress every user. The full stack development team can provide the best technical solution for the product and adapt it based on your requirements. We are well versed in behaviour-driven development as well as test-driven development, so we intend to make sure that the product is both stable and has high level of quality.


Step 4. MVP Launch

The launch is one of the most important aspects of the software development project. While it’s a time to celebrate the accomplishments, it’s also a time when support is needed, regardless of the type of project involved. As new users arrive on the platform, we’ll provide support by fine-tuning the application, based on the users’ needs. Customer satisfaction is key to accomplishing the value proposition of the product.

MVP Launch

Step 5. Beyond

This is the optional step where you decide if the product has reached the needed level or if you wish to expand it. We offer a similar workshop in which we work together to create the features needed for the product to be moved in a certain direction, based on the user feedback received post-launch. At the same time, you have to consider the maintenance work, but that depends very much on the type of product. We’ll be here to provide you with the tech expertise regarding the future needs of the product.

Why should I work with you instead of hiring my own team?
Since your business is at the beginning, it’s best to start with someone who has done this dozen of times before. We’ll help you get market validation before you need to look for the right people.
How will we work when we are not in the same office?
We’ll have daily calls to ensure that your project is on track and other updates will be sent via email at least twice a week. You’re also in charge of reviewing our work at the end of every milestone.
What if it will take more than the planned time?
We work with a fixed budget. If you are involved, participate in calls & team meetings, provide constant feedback and still, your project takes more than the agreed time frame, we will support all the consequences of going over budget.
Who can help me develop the app once I have the Design Prototype?
The nice thing about our Design & Prototyping Sprints is that the end result is ready for development. You can develop it with whom you’ll find fit (hire experts, work with external providers, etc.). FYI – we’ve delivered over 70 development projects.