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One elephant went out to play
Upon a spider’s web one day
He had such enormous fun
That he called for another elephant to come

icon elephant

It all started with an elephant looking for a challenge

Seeing just how interesting everything was, other elephants joined him. They soon realized that it was much more than a mere experience.

It was the pleasure of crafting products that would pass all tests with flying colors and amaze others through their creativity, functionality and lasting value. The first product that they built was a brand new spider web that would allow many more elephants to join in, without the fear of falling.

Elephants have their own special way

As time went by, these elephants worked on creating their own special way, that would not only make them different, but also turn their crafts into world-class digital products.

We are those elephants and the values that brought us all together are innate to each and every one of us, rather than something that we learn along the way.

Working with us at all levels means being part of our team.

Regardless of the project we’ll be tackling together, we’re always honest to one another, help each other on matters that go way beyond the work life, and strive to give our best, something that is noticeable very often in how our projects turn out.

Learning is something that enables us to grow in all of the relationships that we have and turns every scenario into a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Masters of great technologies

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Entrepreneurial attitude

Change is the only constant. Embrace it!
Every pain is an opportunity
Be part of the solution

Our values

We all guide ourselves by these values. If we didn’t, the spider web wouldn’t have lasted this long.

icon award

Team player

Care for your teammate
Lend a hand 
Win together (lose together)



Sweep nothing under the rug
Empower by sharing information
Be receptive to feedback and new ideas

icon trust

Engineering mindset

Find the root cause (ask the 5 whys)
Plan before you act
Solve like an engineer

icon autonomy


Take commitment seriously
Be hardworking
Go the extra mile


A 19th Century Museum

We turned the former Museum of Theatre and childhood home of Vasile Alecsandri into our home. 

This is where we learn, grow and have fun together, living the elephant values.

Virtual tour

March 17, 2020

UX/UI Designer

We won't make you make the logo bigger.

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UX/UI Designer
February 18, 2020

Senior Software Architect

"I see debt, people"

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Senior Software Architect
January 13, 2020

Senior JavaScript Developer

React + Node = <3 

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Full Stack Developer

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Thinslices Academy

Build something great (every day)

If you woke up this morning thinking "maybe I'll learn something today" this might not be for you. But if you often wake up thinking "I want to become a software craftsman and build great things" you should apply for this program.

We're organizing this internship around your passion to learn and to make progress. We'll help you build a foundation of knowledge and then we'll mentor you to develop the skills required to use that knowledge.

The program has 4 steps. It's up to you how fast you move through some of these steps.

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