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  • I highly recommend Thinslices, as the team does great work, delivers to plan and is a delightful group of folks to work with. Working remotely can be a challenge for most. With your use of agile, good communication and the personalities we work with, this is better than almost all I have worked with in the past.

    Dan Hughes, Allcal
  • We could not have imagined a better partner for our ambitious relaunch-project. The startup mindset and hands on mentality of the whole team is exactly what we needed.

    Heinz Grunwald, YodelYou
  • Thinslices is very reliable and can be recommended without hesitation. There is nothing to change in the future and the cooperation works very well. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would recommend Thinslices with 9 of 10 points to a friend. There are not 10 of 10 points, because there are no local vicinity.

    Patrick Langhans, TB Guide
  • People are really impressed when we show them the software. We need to congratulate your team – professional, solid knowledge in their respective fields, always responsive, things run smoothly at every level from the Front-End to the Back-End.

    Serban Georgescu, Boston Technology Research
  • Thinslices has been a great partner throughout our journey: from development to alpha, beta and launch. The team is very committed to our success. And as thrilled as we are when we reach milestones. Quality is very important to them - across all aspects of the project. Their work ethic is unparalleled and when challenges arise they go above and beyond to resolve them as soon as possible. Thinslices’ flexibility and agility are of huge value when projects need to be adjusted due to changed business realities.

    Christina Raes, GoWall