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We offer end-to-end digital design, development, and scaling solutions

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Who we are

Create your product from scratch or enhance your existing product in less than 6 months!

We're a full-service product development company with offices in Iasi, Lisbon, London and Berlin. Our teams use a unique approach to manage projects and provide ongoing support. We cover all digital product phases with flexible packages.




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Our services

We tailor our services to your needs


Idea to MVP

Validate your product idea with enough features to attract early-adopter customers and investors, securing its market potential.
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Teams as a Service

Our teams are well-oiled machines, having worked together for 10+ years. Quick to onboard, we produce results fast.
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End-to-end product development services



Our approach to product ideation offers tailored services like Design Sprints, Prototyping, and User Testing to make your software product innovative and market-ready.
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We offer services like Product Design, UI Design, UX Design, UX Review, and Design Systems to enhance your project in the Design phase.
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We combine innovation and execution to bring your digital to life. Our diverse set of product development services is tailored to suit your project's unique needs.
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We secure the durability, stability, and growth of your digital solutions through our product maintenance services - QA, Agile Project Management, Product Management, and DevOps.
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Our industries

Crafting services with your industry in mind

Our adaptive approach is designed to help businesses succeed across diverse fields and serve all types of end users.


Unlocking Financial Innovation:
Pioneering Fintech Solutions
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Connecting the Future:
Leading the Way in Telecom Innovation
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Revolutionising Publishing:
Shaping the Future of Content Delivery
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Advancing Healthtech:
Streamlined Healthcare Solutions
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Our technologies

We tailor our technologies to your needs

Thinslices takes pride in crafting robust and innovative software solutions. Our tech stack is the foundation upon which we build cutting-edge applications and deliver exceptional user experiences. Here's a glimpse into the powerful technologies we employ:


Notion Slack logo Zoom logo Jira Software logo Miro logo Trello logo

Design tools

Figma logo Illustrator logo Photoshop Adobe XD logo Invision logo Webflow logo

Development tools

Java Docker Flutter VSCode NodeJS logo React logo TypeScript logo React Native logo

Development Storage Providers

Google Cloud logo AWS logo Netlify logo
What others say

We excel at what we do.
Take our happy clients’ word for it.

Ian Mulvany 
Chief Technology Officer,

“The work with Thinslices has been a true collaboration. We created a fully integrated combined team, working effectively together."

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Pranjal Kothari 
Chief Digital Officer,
Deutsche Fintech Solutions

“Working together with Thinslices is a pleasure, they are highly client-oriented, flexible and always full of good ideas.“

DFS logo
Jennifer LeBlanc 
Digital First Product Owner,

"Working with the Thinslices team feels like an extension of my own team, the best I have seen from any contractor I have ever worked with."

Viasat logo
Andrew Smeall 
Vice President,
Workflow Solutions, Wiley

"Our partnership with Thinslices was an incredible success. Working together we built a great product and made an incredible team."

Hindawi logo
Walter Beluco 
General Manager,
Mobilize Pay

“A solid company with brilliant leadership. Thinslices translated complex concepts into a user-friendly app on time.”

Alex Nette 

“Thinslices were able to take our idea for a great web application and bring it to life. They delivered an exceptional and polished product."

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Our work

After navigating challenges,

we achieved results

We built an MVP to transform the compliance process for Audora, the leading cybersecurity automation platform revolutionizing the auditing industry.
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Read our detailed case study on building the MVP for Humant Life, a web platform that redefines the use of influencer media, leveraging AI.
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We helped Hindawi rebuild their peer review system using modern technologies. Founded in 1997, Hindawi publishes 200+ peer-reviewed open access journals under its own brand. In 2021, Hindawi was acquired by Wiley, a leading global publisher, a partnership which is set to drive innovation in research communication for generations to come.
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We are the partners of your project

Conceptualize, develop, and launch your product with us, in less than 6 months.

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Latest articles

Keep up with the latest news, views and insights.

The latest news, technologies, and resources from our team
Stefan Sarbu - 19 Jun 2024
Understanding the cost of an MVP is crucial for setting a solid foundation for your startup. It influences key decisions, such as the scope of features, choice of development team, and go-to-market strategy. Knowing the cost helps plan resources effectively, ensure financial sustainability, and set realistic expectations for product development and market entry. A well-planned MVP budget can make the difference between a successful launch and a stalled project.
Paula Cristea - 6 Jun 2024
The promise of Team-as-a-Service (TaaS) is undeniable: a dedicated development team at your fingertips, ready to propel your product vision forward. But let's face it, geographical distance can introduce hurdles. Time zones differ, accents may create misunderstandings, and fostering a cohesive team spirit across continents can seem daunting.
Paula Cristea - 30 May 2024
Congratulations on launching your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)! It's a significant milestone, but it’s just the beginning of your journey. The main goal of creating an MVP is to test your idea's viability, accelerate its market launch to get real user feedback and determine the next steps. Once your MVP is developed, release it to the market and assess user reactions. Ensure that your customers can easily share their opinions and then collect their reviews.