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Digital Product Design

Transform your idea into a web or mobile app

Curious if your web or mobile app idea is something people will use and potentially buy?

Want to know the timeline and budget required to get from an idea to a finished digital product?

Need to convince investors that your idea has true potential?

The first step is to create a prototype. We can help.

Benefits of having a Prototype

The Prototype is a preliminary version of the product and answers the question “How will the final product look and work?”


Get from an idea to a web/mobile app users can test


Evaluate if your product idea matches real market needs


Determine the must-have features of your product and the budget required to implement them

Prototyping Steps

To get the digital product into the hands of the users and investors, we need to go through 5 steps:

Initial Workshop

It’s a no-strings-attached discussion that ensures everyone is on the same page in terms of desired scope and collaboration.

What you will get after this workshop:

  • Market and business analysis
  • Project scope & requirements
  • Development process explained

Initial Workshop

Concept Maps

The flow schematics of the main interactions and transitions that could happen in the web/mobile app from the user’s perspective.

Concept Maps


Simply, they are sketches of your future web/mobile app that will show the product functionalities and how it will be organised.


Visual Design and Prototype

In this stage, you will get the first version of the web/mobile app that represents the look and feel of the finished product. You can use the prototype to test and get feedback from real users.

Visual Design and Prototype


Besides the web/mobile app prototype, we’ll also provide use cases, time estimates for further product development and app versioning details.


How long until you’ll have a Prototype?


3 to 6 weeks


Depending on your needs and goals, the 5 steps above you’ll get you one of these two types of prototypes:

Design Prototype

Design prototype

A preliminary version of the product that can be shared with users and investors for both up and downstream idea validation.

Functional web or mobile prototype

Functional web or mobile prototype

An advanced technical prototype that resembles the final product closely, but with a mocked-up business logic. It emphasises various constraints, technical errors and weaknesses early in the product development process before you invest resources in building the full product

Get the prototype for your digital product

We’ll help you build the first web or mobile version and you can use it to test hypotheses and to prevent spending valuable resources on launching undesired or malfunctioning products.

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