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Boston Technology Research


Our client

Boston Technology Research (BTR) is an innovative and dynamic company with a focus on the life science industry. Established in 2011, BTR is headquartered in Boston, MA, the life sciences capital of the world, and has offices in the US and Europe.

Res_Q is a cutting-edge platform that proves that simplicity can lead to innovation, and that provides automated workflow management for the lifecycle of computer systems (from Concept to Retirement, SDLC) and Quality Management Systems. Using an intuitive interface with matching algorithms, it automates processes like impact assessment, audit, change management, requirements management, etc, standardizing and simplifying workflows for our life sciences industry clients.

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Jonny Fresh

People are really impressed when we show them the software. We need to congratulate your team – professional, solid knowledge in their respective fields, always responsive, things run smoothly at every level from the Front-End to the Back-End.

Serban Georgescu, Boston Technology Research