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Design Prototype

Who is camLine

camLine as a solution partner has been offering its software and services globally for more than 25 years. They provide and market software solutions for high-tech manufacturing industries.

Due to the general approach, camLine addresses discrete, continuous, and mixed forms of manufacturing. These industry-specific deployments focus on advanced strategies to improve process quality and process security, executive manufacturing logistics, and manufacturing efficiency.


camLine was looking for a minimum-risk approach on updating their apps suite while getting feedback from their customers. The goal was to unify the UI approach and improve the UX level. These changes should meet client demands and make sure their applications are updated to current trends.


The fastest and minimum-risk delivery was to build a Design Prototype. This way, camLine would be able to get quality feedback and improvement ideas, without big investments in an overall app update that might not meet actual needs.


camLine validated the UX changes and was able to:
– decide which updates are worth doing
– implement the feedback in future design changes
– understand the technical hurdles and costs for an overall update