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What is GoWall

GoWall is a breakthrough meeting productivity tool that combines the meeting framework of ‘ideas on a wall’ with virtual technology, thus making meetings highly productive.

Collaborative intelligence

This browser-based engagement platform drives collaborative intelligence and enables highly structured data gathering and group information processing: whether in a ‘live’ session or collaborating asynchronously, together in one room or in a virtual workspace.

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Thinslices has been a great partner throughout our journey: from development to alpha, beta and launch. The team is very committed to our success. And as thrilled as we are when we reach milestones. Quality is very important to them - across all aspects of the project. Their work ethic is unparalleled and when challenges arise they go above and beyond to resolve them as soon as possible. Thinslices’ flexibility and agility are of huge value when projects need to be adjusted due to changed business realities.

Christina Raes, GoWall