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    Ilie Ghiciuc - 31 Aug 2018
    Entrepreneurship is a mindset that demands both professional and personal abilities. Launching, executing, growing and scaling your startup is a mental exercise involving business strategy, networking, research, planning, marketing, and numerous other related activities. Managing time effectively often becomes a challenge when your daily schedule is fully booked with meetings and events. Working 80 hours a week with little to no progress is a clear sign of poor time management abilities.
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    Ilie Ghiciuc - 10 Sep 2015
    It’s a question we’ve heard many, many times. Well, the answer to this question is actually a story about an important meeting between an elephant, a great challenge and a cheese slicer, at the table of a Business Model Canvas. This happened a number of years ago, when Ilie and Vlad (the founders of the company), best friends and colleagues, were faced with an important challenge during their lives as both students and full-time employees. The bachelor’s degree exam.


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