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Showcase your startup idea to Investors backed by the Product Design Process

The life of a startup depends on an idea. The product design process can bring it to life.
Your idea will transform the market and the world. If only it were this simple! Many times, great ideas end up wasted for lack of an efficient plan to properly showcase it to investors.

Guest Post: 5 Most Important Things to Consider in Apple Watch App Development

The creation of the watch app actually involves the creation of an iOS app with watch support. The watch app can be added as a new Target to the app’s project in Xcode. The interface elements are built and then they are bound to the data in the iOS app.

Scrum Tools – The Fuel to Power the Engine

This is one of those moments when you’ve opened ten tabs and are doing a lot of research and documentation with the purpose of selecting the best Scrum tool out there.

Ready. Steady. Go Scrum Methodology!

We have been implementing the Scrum methodology for some time and would be very happy to share all its main steps and little secrets with you.

iOS apps of February

February seems to have been a tricky month for newly-released iOS apps. Discovering fresh apps was a little difficult, mostly because we usually focus our efforts on showcasing serious apps. Nevertheless, we managed to put together a list that we hope you find useful.

Scrum. An Introduction.

A brief introduction to SCRUM and the multiple benefits it presents for startups.