Mobile app development resources. Part 26.

on 17 Oct 2014 by

This week, we’ve read some interesting articles on mobile app development: Smashing Magazine published a post about mobile testing and how it has evolved over the years. The article debates the topic of emulators, simulators and debugging. Our appreciation for Smashing Magazine made us recommend a second article. This one is about the utmost importance […]

Mobile app development resources. Part 25.

on 10 Oct 2014 by

These are our mobile app development resources of this week: Stanford University released a $1 foldable microscope that could change the way we look at science education. DigitalTrends published an entire article about it. iOS Blog explained how it’s possible to automatically update XCode build numbers from GIT. In mobile app development, choosing between native or […]

Tips from Paul. Mobile apps design.

on 09 Oct 2014 by

This week we talked to one of our designers, Paul Virlan. With a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and an ongoing enthusiasm for all things related to art and esthetics, Paul has a passion for creating both mobile app and game design elements. He took the time to answer some questions related to the field […]

App Store Approval. Recommendations.

on 08 Oct 2014 by

An Apple App Store rejection is tough, both for development companies and for product owners. We’ve always been interested in studying this ever-changing process of approving and rejecting apps, in order to deliver a perfectly valid final product, which would save time and money for both sides: developers and clients. Getting an app approved takes […]

Mobile app development resources. Part 24.

on 03 Oct 2014 by

This week’s mobile app development resources come from various areas: project management, iPhone news, app design and online payment services. Still wondering what all the fuss is with the new iPhone? MacRumors may be able to give you a few hint. How can smartphones be used for online payments? And, most of all, is it safe […]

Project management tips from our project manager: empowerment is key

on 02 Oct 2014 by

Andrei, one of our senior project managers, talked us through some of the main project management tips he uses for communicating effectively with the team and with the product owner, thus deploying every project successfully. The best online PM software for a startup The notion of “best” is, in all cases, relative. For a startup, […]

Mobile app development resources. Part 23.

on 26 Sep 2014 by

These are the mobile app development resources we have gathered this week: iOS Developer Tips published an announcement from Apple, according to which TestFlight is now available as a service. TestFlight allows developers to beta test their apps using up to 1000 individuals. High Scalability wrote an article about 10 common server setups for web apps. ManiacDev talked about […]

Tips from Ingrid: what’s the fastest way to learn manual testing?

on 25 Sep 2014 by

Source: Tim Hipps This week, Ingrid, our junior manual tester, took us through some basic working practices that she follows here, at Thinslices. She claims that testing, like anything else, requires constant effort and implication. Books, articles, tutorials are important parts of her learning experience, as is the continuous practice under senior testers’ surveillance. Getting […]

CloudMagic: manage all your email accounts from one app

on 23 Sep 2014 by

When it comes to business, emailing is indispensable. It comes in handy with people working in offices and companies sending messages to a certain audience. Besides the fact that it facilitates communication between people across continents, it’s a good way to build and maintain both personal and professional relationships. Not to mention the extent to […]

Mobile app development resources. Part 22.

on 19 Sep 2014 by

  Some of this week’s best reads in the area of mobile app development come from Gizmodo, Maniacdev and Digitaltrends. Wondering why Apple rejects apps? Gizmodo presents some of the reasons. Your fitness tracker can pose a threat to your privacy. Java Script developers will heart: new tool for creating Swift Playgrounds formatted with Markdown. […]

Tips from Ovidiu: Where does one start with iOS development?

on 18 Sep 2014 by

Many a times, our developers have been asked how they started iOS development and what their learning process consisted of. That’s why we decided to ask Ovidiu, one of our iOS developers, to take the time to answer some of our questions. Where iOS development starts 1. iOS: What are some things one should know […]

HipChat – group chat and video chat built for teams

on 16 Sep 2014 by

Interactions are important for every company, both when occurring between team members and when they take place with the client. Discussing issues in real time can be life-saving. Therefore, many companies are looking for tools that allow them to create private chat rooms, share files and attach images in order to get a better understanding […]

Mobile development resources. Part 21.

on 12 Sep 2014 by

Our weekly mobile development resources are here once again: Some JavaScript development tools one can use to expand their knowledge in the domain. This is why mobile-only is not the only option. Implementing a slide-in slide menu in Swift can be performed with the help of this tutorial. Smashing Magazine says an app cannot be […]

JavaScript Development Tools

on 11 Sep 2014 by

This week we talked to Razvan Tudosa, one of our new colleagues specialized in JavaScript, who took the time to answer some of our questions. He’s an eager learner, as most of the members of the Thinslices team are, and he gladly accepted to share some JavaScript development tools. What are the top ten things […]

Zamurai iOS app- the whiteboard for today’s mobile generation

on 09 Sep 2014 by

Business has gone mobile No surprise in that. Strong collaboration is welcomed in every project development process, as long as it helps the team members share their ideas, create clear structures, follow them and avoid misunderstandings. In his study, Jim Lundy, CEO and Founder of Aragon Research, concluded that “Traditional physical whiteboards are among the […]

Mobile product development resources. Part 20.

on 05 Sep 2014 by

Our weekly mobile development resources journey has reached its 20th post. Hope you enjoy the following news and launches.   ManiacDev shared an open source iOS library for creating line charts that animate between value changes. Check it out here. iOSDeveloperTips published an article about how one can create a custom control in Swift. Our own Node.js specialist shared […]

Tips from Bogdan: how to get around the Node.js web framework

on 04 Sep 2014 by

Each team is the soul of a company. And each member of the team brings added value to the project they’re involved in, by bringing in their own, personal approach. Bogdan Ursache, one of our Node.js developers, gave us some tips for better working with the Node.js framework. They include – building RESTful APIs and […]

3 apps for learning anything

on 01 Sep 2014 by

The Thinslices methodology is based on continuous learning. In any development process, it is important to focus on stimulating the mind with creative and innovative activities that can be performed during one’s spare time. This is why we’ve looked into some apps for learning, that can help any individuals, regardless of background or education, enrich […]

Mobile product development resources. Part 19.

on 29 Aug 2014 by

These are our mobile product development resources of the week: Is simplifying Swift asynchronous dispatch in GCD possible? It is now, and iOSDeveloperTips explains how. Aquent Gymnasium published three free and short online courses on Node.JS, Bootstrap 3.0 and improving time management. Our own Thinslices blog published an article about best practices in iOS app testing. We […]

iOS App Testing: Best Practices

on 28 Aug 2014 by

This week we talked to Andrei, one of our testers. At Thinslices, our colleagues perform both automated and manual tests. During the last decade, testing has become an almost vital part of any type of development, but it is of utmost importance in creating mobile apps, where users’ expectations are exceptionally high. Testing is somewhat […]

11 reasons why we quit Android

on 27 Aug 2014 by

No more Android apps We’ve recently decided that Android is no longer an option for our team of developers. We had been doing it for two years in a row and, without any exaggeration, it always caused more hassle than expected. To some people, the decision to quit Android development may seem counterintuitive – after […]

Roambi Analytics – your graphical business storyteller

on 26 Aug 2014 by

“Don’t shrink, rethink!” Managing or producing analytics material is a tough job, even for professionals accustomed with Excel graphs and statistics. For those of us who are less experienced in numbers, firmly getting a grasp of what a spreadsheet illustrates can be an even tougher job. We’ve all, at some point in our professional experience, tried to design […]

3 apps for learning how to code

on 25 Aug 2014 by

This week we have looked into some apps for people interested in learning how to program and code. The first one we have selected is designed to help children to learn basic coding skills. Adults can use the following two apps we will describe after focusing on the one we mentioned above. Hopscotch, Programming Designed […]

Mobile product development resources. Part 18.

on 22 Aug 2014 by

These are our mobile product development resources of the week: Mozilla Developer Network published a re-introduction to JavaScript, for those who are interested in finding out more about this programming language. We shortly recalled some tips from one of our testers. Tools, learning processes and expectations. GSM Arena announced that two decades have passed since the development […]

App of the week: Intercom

on 19 Aug 2014 by

  Lately, more and more companies have been focusing their attention on getting feedback from their customers. By including customers’ voice into business strategies, they get the chance to improve products and meet clients’ expectations. Look at Dropbox. They spent a big amount of time and money to remain in the public eye. They took […]

3 scheduling apps for iPhone

on 18 Aug 2014 by

Hours Tracker Hours Tracker is a mobile app for managing both your schedule and the money you make, by proactively using your time. Users must clock in at the beginning of their workdays and clock out at the end. CSV files are created in order to export data concerning hours. The info is then intuitively […]

Mobile product development resources. Part 17.

on 15 Aug 2014 by

These are this week’s mobile product development resources: Ole Begemann, one of the greatest iOS bloggers, explained that instance methods are curried functions in Swift. One of our colleagues, Ionut, explained that the first and most important rule in learning to develop for iOS devices is to use the right resources. Mac Rumors published an […]

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