Favourite links of the week

on 18 Apr 2014 by

Cool app (Sell Hack) for digging into people’s LinkedIn accounts, to find out their email addresses. Simplifying the use of Linux containers with Docker. Mobile web apps, soon to be as proficient as native ones. Do you think you’re an organized programmer? This article will help you all the more. New financial app (Qapital) challenges […]

Wickr – your iOS and Android privacy app

on 15 Apr 2014 by

Wickr – top Secret Messanger Keeping your stuff private is really hard these days. And it can be a necessity when it comes to companies with important projects going on and employees who need to exchange real-time information. Having this in mind, we have decided to write a short article about Wickr, the privacy app […]

3 Apps for cooking

on 14 Apr 2014 by

BeTheChef Although what most apps do is share and explore vast amounts of recipes, BeTheChef is special. This one is not about browsing through a vast array of “desserts”, “veal” or “seafood dishes”. Its main attraction is the possibility to actually insert up to 4 (in the basic option of the app) ingredients into a […]

Favorite links of the week

on 11 Apr 2014 by

How social media helps redesign your business strategy Some Android metrics: devices, brand and operating systems. Ash Maurya’s Customer acquisition principles Last Pass for Android will also work for mobile apps. Life is easier when password concerns can be forgotten. New Apple App causes fretting among developers with its multipeer connectivity framework. Pros and cons […]

Why not all programmers know how to write code

on 10 Apr 2014 by

All of us choose to do complicated stuff. It’s a strategy that really helps people push their limits but it’s not always the best way to go. There are moments when without every day exercise, in time, you won’t be able to solve any small problems. This can occur to absolutely everyone. Right now, let’s […]

App of the Week: Sunrise, your smart calendar app

on 08 Apr 2014 by

What’s next? Calendar apps should quickly answer to this question. From this point of view, we think Sunrise does a very good job. Its feed has always been a main feature. Users get a big list of all their next activities. Moreover, when they want to schedule a meeting, they want to know what the […]

3 Apps for travel

on 07 Apr 2014 by

Travelling almost always requires planning. Whether it’s a 4-week holiday, a weekend getaway or a sabbatic year, things still need to be planned in advance. At least at a minimal level. Luckily, planning is nowadays available at all times, from all mobile devices, on iOS or Android. There are mobile apps that handle basically everything, […]

Favourite links of the week

on 04 Apr 2014 by

1. Setting up Google Analytics has never been easier: http://blog.gleam.io/google-analytics/ 2. Why code reviews matter and how doing them can help increase productivity. 3. Dependency Management tool Composer makes working with WordPress a lot easier. 4. How to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fine tunes iOS7 brings, especially to animated […]

How to better organize yourself for programming

on 03 Apr 2014 by

Daniel Pinciuc, one of our web developers, says that there are a vast number of tools out there to help developers do their jobs better and in a more systematic manner. However, the foremost ingredients to being a proficient developer are self-organization and simple thinking. Simplifying even the most difficult tasks lies within dividing them […]

App of the week. Make 3D floorplans with your phone

on 01 Apr 2014 by

These days, mobile applications help you save a lot of time. We have just included an App of the Week section on our blog. Sharing is caring, so let`s see what we have for you on this Thuesday. If you ever decide to make some changes in your life and in your house, MagicPlan is the perfect solution. […]

3 Mobile Apps for the not-so-mobile

on 31 Mar 2014 by

Everybody nowadays spends an average of…. hours in the gym every day. And, unsurprisingly, mobile apps are following the trend. Everything is available, from calorie-counting apps to customized fitness routines generators, daily menus and health monitoring. Argus Featuring a colourful lively interface, this mobile app handles the estimated daily calorie consumption, as well as the […]

3 Mobile apps that bring out the artist in you

on 17 Mar 2014 by

Notegraphy One of the most recent mobile apps in the App Store, Notegraphy attracts with both design and functionality. Available for iPad and iPhone, Notegraphy showcases “writing with style”, according to the principle that everything written should not look alike. Featuring several fonts and letter backgrounds, Notegraphy creates multiple different stories around each line of text. […]

App of the week. Apps for better business models

on 14 Mar 2014 by

Your startup might need the Canvas Model Design App Last week we wrote an article about what a business model does for your startup. You can read it here. We made some suggestions we find very useful for mobile startups: Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas. Both tools do a great job. While doing some […]

4 cool event apps in 2014

on 10 Mar 2014 by

2014 challenges the events (and event organizers) world. Organizers are ready to take real-time audience engagement to the next level, while offering new possibilities for meetings and conferences. Having this year`s event technology trends in mind, developers know mobile event apps should include must-have features like: personalized schedules, presenter listings, social media integration, interactive maps, […]

Interesting Facts Behind the Top Mobile App Trends of 2014

on 26 Feb 2014 by

Guest post from Joppar Co-Founder Ashli N We’`ve all seen the predictions and trends for mobile apps in 2014. But there`’s something more interesting about this year’s trends than what meets the eye. Let’`s take a deeper look at four of the trends and get the real story behind them. Let`’s discover why these trends […]

Favourite links of the week

on 28 Mar 2014 by

Google’s tabbed inbox has its pros and cons. @Laurenceveale shows us how to minimise some of its disadvantages. Dividing your customer list can be a lengthy process, but it’s nonetheless essential for marketing success. How to achieve aesthetically pleasing wireframes, even when aesthetics would seem a lost cause. Also, why sometimes a nice-looking wireframe would […]

Best Mobile Apps for Retail

on 07 Feb 2014 by

Who on earth talks about mobile retail apps without mentioning the iBeacon`s nerdy power? We are so enthusiastic about this sounding feature which “provides apps a whole new level of location awareness” that we have beacons all over the office. There is a whole new world of (mind blowing) possibilities for retail and/or loyalty with […]

The Laws of Conversion

on 12 Nov 2013 by

Conversion is king – and it’s not always easy to stay alive in the kingdom You are a young entrepreneur, on the verge of finding your life accomplished by the fresh start-up you are about to set up. Well, congrats on that! What you should know is that, although exciting, the road to success will […]

Go mobile: state of the mobile industry report

on 11 Dec 2012 by

The mobile-computing experience increasingly involves more day-to-day interactions with the world around us: Watching TV with Twitter on the tablet Reading a book with Wikipedia at the fingertip Shopping in stores with our smartphone in hand Mobile is the first order priority device for access.The desktop’s at the office. The TV’s at the house. We are […]

Launching a mobile app product: the idea

on 04 Dec 2012 by

Assuming you want to build an App that you want to launch as a product/service, and you are not undertaking this enterprise for fun, there are different approaches you can follow. We’ve done quite a bit of product development so we approach working on this project in a couple of phases. If you are doing […]

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