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A different kind of internship program

This is your opportunity to learn how to build something great. If you woke up this morning thinking "maybe I'll learn something today" this might not be for you. But if you often wake up thinking "I want to become a software craftsman and build great things" you should apply for this program.

We're organizing this internship around your passion to learn and to make progress. We'll help you build a foundation of knowledge and then we'll mentor you to develop the skills required to use that knowledge. The program has 4 steps. You have approximately one month at your disposal to complete each step, so a total of maximum 4 months in the program.
* If you need more flexibility or have a special situation e.g. you're getting your degree, or you're working already we can discuss this timeline.


Build a foundation

In this step, you'll be expected to learn on your own. 

The first challenge for this step is to learn the basics of Javascript. Once you sign up for the program, we'll send you a list of resources that you can use to cover this topic.

When you feel confident that you understand and know how to use Javascript, you have to pick a path: Node.js (backend) or React.js (frontend). If you choose to specialize in Node.js, you should read about and understand MongoDB and how to create a simple backend application. If you choose to specialize in React.js, you should read about and understand CSS and HTML / DOM.

Our mentors will also be supporting you if you have any questions, in an online channel for everyone in the program.

This step is under your control: you work and learn where you want, when you want and you let us know when you're ready for Step 2.

Getting to Step 2

When you feel confident that you know the basics of Javascript and Node.js/React.js, send a message to one of the program organizers.

A mentor will test you. If your foundation is strong, he or she will choose to become your mentor and help increase your skills.

Although you can take your time to get from Step 1 to Step 2, more than one month of inactivity on the channel will get you out of the program until you're ready to resume. If there are no mentors available, we'll ask you to wait until one mentor is available to get to the next step (don’t worry, we have a plan for you while you’re waiting 😉).


Polish the bricks

Together with your mentor, you'll create a learning path to get you to Step 3. You'll cover next level concepts, go through exercises to be able to tie the concepts together in practice and learn how to work with GitHub.

If you chose to specialize in React.js, you move on to more advanced concepts such as "thinking in React". If you chose to specialize in Node.js, you'll learn concepts like Express / Koa (understand middlewares, contracts ), REST and AWS.

During Step 2, you'll create a small app using the knowledge and skills gained here, under the guidance of your mentor.

You'll still have a high level of control over the schedule and we expect you to be responsible, deliver at the commonly agreed deadline and stay in communication.

At the end of Step 2, you should be able to finish the small application in a maximum of one month. Exceptions will be discussed with mentors, case-by-case. If you cannot deliver the application you will be leaving the program.

Getting to Step 3

Once you've successfully finished Step 2, we'll meet with you to discuss our company culture, our way of working and how we live and work by our values.

We'll identify one of our projects where you can begin the third step of the program and you'll be invited to take a team interview.

There's also paperwork involved.



Climb to the next level

This is the step where you'll be delivering tasks in a project.

Until this point, you've proven you have the necessary skills. Now it's time to deliver on a project. This means you have to contribute to a product we're developing for a client and prove your value to the team leader of that project.

When you're working with a team on a business project, you'll be required to come and work from our office at least 6 hours/day. There is still a comfortable level of flexibility to accommodate your needs and your studies (if that is the case), which will be agreed with your project team leader.

Getting to Step 4

If you deliver your tasks on the project successfully and the team trusts and enjoys working with you, your team leader will recommend you for Step 4 where you'll receive a hiring offer.


Become part of a great team

We have an offer for you.

All your hard work has paid off and, with your team leader's recommendation, we'd like you to join our team.

And the journey is just beginning...


What equipment will I be working on?

For Step 1 and Step 2, you'll be working on your own computer. As you move on to Step 3 we can provide you with a laptop if needed.

Will I be working from the office?

You won't be required to come to the office for Step 1. During Step 2, you'll discuss with your mentor and you'll probably meet from time to time, anywhere you'd like, it depends on what you both prefer. For Step 3 you'll be required to come to the office at least 6h/day as a general rule. If you've reached Step 4 and decide to work with us, we'll be seeing you at the office.

Is the internship paid?

The program is free of charge ;) Step 4 comes with a hiring offer and a salary of minimum 400 EUR.

What happens if I don't pass a step?

For Step 1, if you fail your technical test, you can study more and come back to take it again when you're ready.

All the other Steps cannot be repeated.

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