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Hi, hello, hallo, salut, yasass, ciào, bonjour .... Anyway you say it, it means essentially the same thing. Or, to be more technical, it translates into the same intention. In[…]

We're back with another article on our collaboration with BMJ. This time, we look at the design system currently being developed for several products, bmj.com included.

Our last article discussed one of our most recent projects, a new front end approach to the bmj.com website and the ‘why’ behind it.

When we first met the BMJ team, we were fairly nervous, as would anyone who has heard of The BMJ ( British Medical Journal). Luckily, technology is the great equalizer in our[…]

Greetings from the Penta teams!

After blogging about our challenge to upgrade React Native in a legacy project, we're back with a new update on our learnings, which we hope[…]

“The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.”

Over the last couple of months, our recruitment activity has been really intense. Some of the people we talked to were very[…]

A couple of weeks ago we announced our partnership with Penta, the digital platform for business banking, launched in Germany in 2017. Alongside their teams in Berlin and[…]

React or Angular for front-end development? That is the question. Both are extremely popular and widely used among developers worldwide.The biggest difference between the two is[…]

It’s okay to feel a little reluctant when you first begin a collaboration with a remote software development team. Managing a team located thousands of kilometers away can make[…]

In 2019, React.js was the most loved web framework by developers worldwide - coming in at a very close 2nd position in 2020 according to the most recent survey done by[…]